Student Savings

Everything you need to know to save as a student.

8 Essential Apps for Frugal College Students

Jan 21, 2014 Student Savings

The transition from high school to college usually brings with it a lack of financial savvy. But the best four years of your life don’t have to be ones of imprudent budgeting and lax spending.

A Comprehensive Guide: How to Save Money on Textbooks

Jan 15, 2014 Student Savings

College is a huge expense for many. While it may be the biggest investment in some futures, it is also one of the biggest pains for some bank accounts.

The Skinny on Student Discounts: How to Score an 'A' in Savings

Jan 02, 2014 Student Savings

Listen up students or recent grads—this one is for you. If you’re a student—high school or college—or a recent graduate, you might want to hang on to those student IDs for a tad longer.

Foolproof "Poor Student's" Pasta

Sep 13, 2013 Student Savings

Domestic goddess in the kitchen, I am not. While I enjoy being a sous chef during the creation of a meal, the thought of being fully responsible for a meal for others to enjoy makes me break out in a sweat.