Brew A Cup of Coffee to Save Money

Aug 25, 2015Reading Time: 5 min

Finding new ways to save money is kind of a way of life here in the office. Of course that is typically us trying to help you get the best possible deals when you are shopping online, but I would like to take it one step further today. Caffeine is lifeline for so many of us; I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t already on my second cup of Earl Grey tea in less than an hour, while I am sitting down to write this. I fully understand and support the need for a caffeine fix, but it is an extremely expensive habit. If you added up every coffee trip at the end of the month, it would probably be a significant chunk of money depending how often you go. Which could be the difference between taking the much-needed vacation at the end of the year and not being able to afford it. Don’t do that to yourself! It may be tired advice, but make your own coffee! It will save you money, and at the end of the day, it will probably save you time too. Here is how we did it:

I come from an office full of coffee addicts, so when our friends at TOMS sent us a bag of their coffee, it was a welcomed surprise. Not only would said addicts not have to go out and buy their own coffee for a bit, but they would also be getting actual good office coffee for a change. That is a big reason people go out right? Because they don’t like the stuff the office buys and prefer the taste of what their favorite shop brews. But all it takes is a little taste testing and an open mind to trying it yourself, and then you can make your own enjoyable cup, or cups, at home just like we did! If you want to try some of their coffee yourself, check out our TOMS promo codes to save on your bag!

We all know TOMS for their amazing shoes and the global impact they have with One for One, but what not everyone knows is that their coffee is part of the same mission! For every bag of TOMS Roasting Co. bag of coffee they sell, 140 liters of safe water is given to a person in need from the region in which that coffee was sourced; that is a week’s supply of water for someone who doesn’t have access to it otherwise. Buying a bag of coffee really can’t get much better than that.

Another common excuse for why people just go out and buy coffee is that it is too difficult to make it in the morning, while they are getting themselves and/or the kids ready. Getting up just a few minutes earlier can easily solve this problem. Plus, if you get a nice french press, or coffee machine if you prefer, the whole process doesn’t take any longer than if you were to stand in the coffee line with all the other cranky, late people. Macy’s has a variety of french presses available, and we have the promo codes for Macys to save you more on already great prices. You might be asking yourself, “Why is a french press such a big deal and how do I use it?” Well you are going to get the best flavor out of your coffee using this method, which means you will be getting the most out of your coffee and your money. It uses more grounds than your typical coffee maker, but the experience is well worth it. Using it is very simple and typically only takes a total of 4 minutes. All you need is properly ground coffee beans and boiled water.

If you wake up 15 minutes earlier, you can enjoy a cup of coffee at home and the aroma that comes with it...and maybe have extra to take with you on the go! You also won’t have to take time out of your day later and wait in line to get another fix. Plus if you get a good traveler mug, your drink will stay hot all day long. Then just about nothing can stop you from enjoying your coffee, wherever and whenever. If you are really nice, you could even make extra and bring some in for your favorite coworker or just convince your company to get a french press of their own, like we have here in our office, to make enough for everyone.

It may seem like a small change, but making your own coffee will save you a significant amount of money each month, giving you a little extra room to do something fun. If a coffee run was just a short break from work, use that time to go on a walk to get some fresh air and clear your mind. That will cost you nothing but can easily turn your day around for the better. For all you tea drinkers out there like me, same goes for you! Bring in your own boxes of tea to brew a cup when you need. A box at the grocery store costs the same as ONE tea many places. It is a sin but so hard to resist sometimes. I know you can do it! At the very least, challenge yourself to one week of making your own coffee/tea and see how it goes. It can't hurt to try.