Big Appliance Savings on Black Friday

Big Appliance Savings on Black Friday

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamNov 28, 20142 min read

Black Friday is the single biggest retail-shopping day of the year. But why put up with all of the pandemonium at the store when you can score many of the same deals online. Some retailers even make the deals available online first, such as Best Buy, who will started their Black Friday deals online at 6pm on Wednesday. After being thankful on Thursday and on the verge of the next month of Christmas gift shopping, Black Friday is a great opportunity to use the season of giving to give back to yourself and your family.

Some of the best deals and biggest markdowns on Black Friday are on major home appliances. That makes it the perfect time to replace a washer that leaks or to finally make the switch from gas stove to an electric range. There can be monetary benefits from upgrading your household appliances as well. Replacing an older refrigerator with and Energy Star certified model can save a household up to $110 a year! This stainless steel Whirlpool French Door refrigerator at Best Buy is Energy Stay certified is discounted $700 for Black Friday, is available online, and qualifies for free delivery and haul away of the old unit to add to the savings. You can even find out exactly how much money and energy you could save by switching using Energy Star’s Savings Calculator.

Living in southern California, another relevant benefit to updating your appliances is conserving water. We have already shared some tips for conserving water before, and replacing an old washer is a great way to help the planet while lowering your monthly utility bills. This Samsung 9-Cycle High Efficiency Top-Loading Washer is on sale at Best Buy for just $499.99, and qualifies for free delivery and haul away since it is over $399. Take advantage of these insane deals and get your shiny new appliance delivered (for free!) before in time to show it off to everyone who comes to visit for the holidays.

The savings from replacing major appliances with more energy efficient models doesn’t end here, however. In addition to the savings from the Black Friday sale and the lower utility bills, you will also qualify for tax credits and deductions. With such great deals and so many ways to save, how can you afford not to treat yourself this holiday season?