5 Ways to Conserve Water Better

5 Ways to Conserve Water Better

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamMar 20, 20144 min read

Water is constantly wasted on a day-to-day basis. Considering spring is here, and summer is right around the corner, the amount of unused water will increase. This misused water will ultimately bump up the amount paid for monthly bills. Conserving water should be practiced constantly as it not only helps the planet, but it also helps you. When water is sustained properly, gallons will be saved and money will stay in your wallet. Here are five ways to conserve water better:

1. Replace your showerhead with a low-flow head. Showers that possess a high-flow head use more water than they should. Simply replacing your existing head with a low-flow type will decrease the amount of water used during showers. The pressure may not be there, but there won’t be any pressure on your wallet. You will definitely notice a decrease when you look at your next bill. Bed Bath & Beyond has a wide variety of shower heads to choose from. They have a great variety to choose from such as ecofriendly showerheads or multiple setting showerheads that allow you to alter the flow.

2. Change the aerators on your kitchen and bathroom faucets. This is very similar to replacing your showerhead. The aerator is the piece on your faucet which regulates water flow. After constant use, aerators will clog up or eventually wear out. Purchasing a new one is cheap and can reduce the amount of wasted water. Lowe’s has a selection of faucet aerators that will aid you if you need replacements. If your aerator is absolutely fine you may simply adjust it to control water flow. Make sure your aerator is regulating at a low flow in order to conserve properly.

3. Keep drinking water in the fridge. Everyone loves to drink water, especially when it’s nice and cool. When pulling water from your tap, make sure you run it through a faucet filter or your pitcher filter. WaterFilters.net has a surplus of filters and pitchers that will provide you with clean water. Have your water cool in the fridge, not in the sink. Waiting for the tap to dispense cool water can be very costly. Waiting a few minutes for your water to chill in the fridge will benefit you in the long run.

4. Make sure to check your faucets, toilets and pipes for leaks. Leaks can be a nightmare. If they are not taken care of, thousands of liters will be wasted per year. A drop of water per second will accumulate to huge water loss over time. If any water appliances are leaking, have them repaired right away. The more water wasted, the more money you lose! Take care of your pipes especially. Catch them before they break because broken pipes lead to more discarded water and bigger bills. If you need any help in repairing leaks, Home Depot can help you out. They provide kits and mends that will assist you in your repairs. They also provide a plethora of pipes, if any need to be replaced. 

5. Know when to use water. There are countless times throughout the day when we misuse water. Knowing those times can help you in your efforts to preserve water. When you brush your teeth or wash your hands, turn off the faucet in between so you don’t waste any water. This simple notion will affect the gallons of water you use. Also, reduce the time spent in the shower. You should spend at least 7 to 8 minutes accomplishing your cleaning regimen, don’t waste any extra time. Gallons are washing down the drain as you spend more time in the shower. Finally, water your lawn at night or early in the morning. This allows water to soak into the ground and prevents evaporation during those hot summer days. Make sure you don’t over water your lawn as well by keeping it on a timer.

There are plenty of techniques and ideas you can use to reduce wasting water. Once you begin to conserve, you will notice the difference on your water bill. Also, conserving reduces the chances of droughts in our area. There’s no better time to start conserving than now!