Adventure Checklist: 2014 Travel Essentials

Adventure Checklist: 2014 Travel Essentials

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamJan 28, 20143 min read

From insect-repellent clothing to portable power chargers that run on water, new innovations in adventure products have made it possible for everyday folks to trek out into unforgiving wilderness, take a few pics, post them on Facebook, and survive the night without a single solitary bug bite. If you’re into breaking away from civilization and see yourself seeking deliverance this year, mark off the following travel products from your adventure checklist before you set off.  

1. Garmin’s VIRB

If you spend most of your time off the beaten path, the VIRB camera from Garmin is one of the best ways to capture your experiences in high definition. Adventure extremists know all about the GoPro camera, but the VIRB is built to surpass the GoPro with superior usability and aerodynamics.

Say you’re biking through scenic territory and you’re recording video; the VIRB can capture photos and record video simultaneously. It’s the ultimate travel companion for those who love to share their experiences with others, and with free desktop editing software—VIRB edit—you can tailor your videos to your liking. It’s rugged, waterproof, and records up to three hours of video. Survive the test of nature and have proof of the tale.

2. Insect Repellent Clothing

An insect’s worst enemy and an outdoor enthusiast’s best friend, insect repellent clothing is sold through Orvis.

3. Power Trekk Fuel Cell Charger

You’re lost in the wilderness and your devices have died. What do you do then? Well, if you have the innovative Power Trekk Fuel Cell Charger you could collect some water from a nearby stream and have electricity in no time. How it works: Water-based liquids—water, urine, pond muck—are turned into hydrogen, which runs through a fuel cell to create electricity. It has the capability to charge smartphones, radios and GPS receivers. The Swedes have managed to invent a competitor to solar power, and it’s readily available at REI. Anything that can be plugged into a USB port will be powered.  

4. FlashDry Clothing

Is your horoscope predicting extremely wet conditions? Brought to you by The North Face, FlashDry technology incorporates “microporous particles” to improve moisture management and temperature regulation. In other words, it accelerates the drying and evaporation of wetness. Perfect for the fisherman or the Northwest traveler, FlashDry comes in jackets, base layers, hats and gloves, providing no extra bulk and washability.

5. ViewRanger App

When you’re lost in the sticks and your phone is showing no bars, well, you’re up a creek without a paddle. The ViewRanger App doesn’t need a signal to operate; it provides topography maps from a huge database, making navigation through backcountry boondocks as easy as walking through a familiar metropolis. It uses the external GPS on your phone to give a bird’s eye view of your surrounding location. Everyone needs a safety net—especially intrepid adventurists—and the ViewRanger might just provide that extra audacity to bring you further into uncharted territory.