9 Huge Amazon Year-End Deals

9 Huge Amazon Year-End Deals

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamDec 26, 20134 min read

For people, the coming of Christmas means closing shop, tucking away what remains of their budget and taking a break from the retailsphere. And while we rest and enjoy the gifts we’ve given and received, some stores never sleep. Namely, Amazon.

But they’re not the only ones.

After-Christmas sales abound, incentivizing folks to get back on that computer and keep buying. It’s only rational that stores entice consumers to the goodies leftover, even during the holiday hangover, with discounts up to 70 percent. Old Navy is offering 75 percent off in stores and online, luring in buyers for remaining Christmas sweaters and winter attire that haven’t left the shelves. Neiman Marcus, as well, is selling Godiva products up to 50 percent off, and GameStop and Best Buy are attempting to move last-gen consoles left in stock.

Amazon is taking the lead with huge discounts across the board. Do these guys ever humbly accept the crown of Christmas sales and take a break? No they do not, boasting 70 percent off apparel, 60 percent off television and audio, 50 percent off portable audio and musical instruments, and 40 percent off video games, software, cell phones and accessories. Whew. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most notable deals happening in the Amazon after-Christmas sale.

Giorgio Brutini Men’s Dress Shirt and Tie Gift Set - $16.19

Normally priced at $50, this gift set is an example of the hopefuls that didn’t end up wrapped up. It comes with a pointed collar shirt and a printed tie, and if you buy two you can get free shipping (on orders over $35).

oCOSMO 32-Inch LED HDTV - $159.99

Rivaling Black Friday television deals is the oCOSMO 32-incher, available for $140 less than the list price. It comes with a low price guarantee—as if we needed the reassurance—and free shipping. Your dorm-ridden son could use one of these and so can you in your living room, and if there was a discrepancy between the TV you wanted and the TV you got, it makes sense to drop some bills on this affordable accoutrement.

Squier by Fender SA-50 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Kit - $159.99

You get a sweet new acoustic and all the parts and pieces for a ridiculous $389.26 off the retail price. You’ll receive strings, a strap, a tuner, a stand, a DVD, picks and a hard case, along with a gorgeous Fender. Amazon reviews acknowledge its beautiful design and perfect sound, so you get quality with quality.

Grand Theft Auto V - $36.96

It’s the hottest game in town, and if your kid doesn’t want one you sure as heck could use a little fun in your life. There’s an unrelenting demand for this revelation in gaming, and Amazon is pricing it $20 below. If you intend on a 2014 full of virtual crime and mayhem, get Grand Theft Auto V for $39.96 and free shipping.

Invicta Men’s 14123 Pro Diver Silver Stainless Steel Watch - $47.78

I only thought 90 percent discounts were the stuff of legends, reserved for Blockbuster closings and closeout yard sales. The list price for this reserved, yet modernly stylish watch is $495. I almost want to buy it out of principle. It comes with a one-year warranty, free shipping and free returns.

Two-Toned Sterling Silver with Yellow Gold Flashed Snowflake Necklace - $23.39

So, you got your girlfriend earrings and you forgot she didn’t have piercings (true story). An alternative could be this two-piece pendant necklace priced $46.61 below. It says, “Friends are like snowflakes, unique and different.” You could say the same thing about Amazon deals, as they are equally beautiful.

Breaking Bad: The Complete Fourth Season - $19.99

I had to include this in simply because I invested so much time watching Breaking Bad in 2013, and apparently Breaking Bad is now investing in its viewers, with 2011’s episodes available for $26 less than the normal price. If you failed to nudge your parents into watching this epic, masterful drama, you can opt to have it delivered to their mailbox.

Philips DS3205 Charging Speaker Dock for iPhone/iPod - $51.49

You save $78.50—6o percent—from the list price of $129.99. In addition, you can have the dock ship for free. If you or your recipient owns an iPhone or an iPod, it’ll play music while simultaneously charging the device.

Nikon COOLPIX S6400 Digital Camera - $129.00

Nowadays, the world takes pictures with their smartphones far more than they do with good old fashioned cameras, but this offer is reserved for those truly interested in photography. It comes at $121 less than the list price and with free shipping. It also comes with a new smart AF system for optimum focus—something you can’t get with most smartphones.