6 Things Kids Lose Or Break and How to Save on Replacements

6 Things Kids Lose Or Break and How to Save on Replacements

Magen Sanders

Magen SandersJul 24, 20184 min read

Kids are expensive enough. From pregnancy to infancy to toddlers and beyond the costs, toys, clothes and all the baby stuff add up to some big bucks. From the toys to the gear kids tend to break and lose things, A LOT. So rather than watching that money go down the toilet, and we mean literally because little Sammy just flushed his sisters Polly Pocket down the toilet. Use these tips to save on replacements for things lost or broken!

kids toy

1. Toys with Batteries

There is nothing worse than giving a kid a toy that requires batteries. Nothing worse except when said batteries, die. Then you have dead batteries to replace, a dead toy that is no longer making noise and lighting up and a crying child that wants their toy to work again.

Toys with batteries are not the best investment from the get-go, they cost triple the amount you paid by years end just in battery replacements alone. Not to mention the toys that need batteries ALWAYS make the most noise and turn on by themselves. Our tip to save? Just don’t buy them. Battery operated toys are easily breakable, they cost a fortune to keep up and the batteries you need to get the machine up and running again are either numerous or difficult to find.

Forgo the battery-operated toys and opt for simplicity.

kids tablet

2. Tablets

Do you trust your toddler with $300? We didn’t think so. So why are you letting them play with that tablet that cost you a couple hundred? All too often parent’s personal electronics are used to distract kids on road trips, dinners and family events to help them do something fun and engaging and give mom and dad a moment of silence. But when the tablet breaks you not only have an unhappy kid on your hands but just lost a few hundred on a replacement.

Instead, opt for a kids’ tablet. At just $100 they are designed to withstand the wear and tear of toddler hands and mishaps. With bumper soft edges and special cases designed to withstand a drop on the floor, or two, they are a great option to get your child some tech-savvy toys without overpaying on personal electronic items.


3. Retainers

Sick of your kid coming home from school telling you he lost his retainer an accidentally threw it away during lunch?

That is a $300-600 replacement that frankly, you just don’t want to pay. So instead of having to replace that thing, one…two…three times invest in the bonded retainers. Rather than opting for the removable Hawley or Essix retainers which on the front end seem cheaper, invest in the bonded. At $500-1000 for both the top and bottom row it can save you loads of money in the long run.

The bonded retainer is glued to the back of teeth so unless your child accidentally throws their mouth In the trash at lunch, that puppy is staying put!

kids sunglasses

4. Sunglasses

Sun protection is a must when it comes to the kids, getting them to keep those hats and shades on? Impossible. Chasing them with gobs of SPF 50 and losing pairs of glasses and little sun hats is just not going to cut it. The amount of money wasted on the cutest little shades only to be lost, smashed and broken in a week is not a good way to spend. Knockaround has just what every parent need, fun cheap sunglasses for the kids that are so cute they will WANT to wear them. At $10 a pop, these kids shades are a great option that won’t break the bank to replace. Not to mention the fun colorways and patterns make them a hit with the kids as well, they might even take care of them! Like these Pizza Print kids sunglasses!


5. Puzzle piece Toys

Any parent will tell you, toys with a lot of pieces are a nightmare. Not only do you find those pieces all over the house, but they get lost. When the kids go to put the puzzle together or build the object on the front of the box, key pieces are just missing! What a waste.

Our tip? Lunch boxes and zip lock bags. Create the habit to always put the little pieces in zip lock baggies that are labeled or get fun old-school lunch pals to put the puzzle in. That way the pieces all stay together for the next time around and you didn’t waste your money on that 200-piece puzzle that is now down to 175 pieces.


6. Phones

In today’s world, kids are all about technology. Since they don’t have their own technology yet, yours will do. But handing over that new iPhone to a 4-year-old? Not the wisest choice. Not only is it worth a lot financially but your entire life is on that phone! Rather than setting yourself back a couple hundred bucks and countless contacts take our advice. Don’t let them play with it!

No matter the protective case on it kids always find a way to somehow break stuff. What do they need with a phone anyway? Our tip? Keep them occupied with any other toy and don’t hand over the phone. It will save you loads of money and time replacing the thing that runs your life!