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February 2019
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Code With Robots With Ozobot

ozobot is a sophisticated venture, developed by educators and loved by students across the United States. The company was developed with the mission of preparing kids for daily life with robots, both large and small, and so far, the company has been getting rave reviews.

But how does it work? Evo and Bit are the two robots sold by ozobot, which works primarily with educators. Bit, the original robot, codes and learns with students. Evo is the more sophisticated of the two and is considered a “next generation” development by ozobot. Students can code with the robots with a special programming language or with color cues.

Can’t decide? Bit is recommended for younger children and can be controlled with just a marker, whereas Evo’s more sophisticated coding processes allow student 8+ to employ proximity sensors, bluetooth, iOS and Android apps, and more, taking coding to the next level.

There are also accessories available on the site for kids who already have Evo or Bit, and the selection is continually expanding. Some of the items include washable, color-coded markers, color-coded stickers, “action skins,” and construction “accessory kits” for extra-curious students. There are also gift cards available for purchase on the site, which allows parents and teachers alike to spread the love of ozobot.

Those shopping at ozobot will be surprised that the price points -- even without coupon codes -- are still attractive. ozobot offers the Bit for just under $60, and Evo for $100. Before you use coupons for Promocodes.com, that’s still a pretty great deal.