5 Affordable Celebrity Brands & Companies that are Worth It

Jul 23, 2018Reading Time: 4 min

When it comes to celebrity-owned brands, we have this to say: sometimes they just know. They know quality, they work with the best stylists, and they know all about the latest trends. All in all, celebrities are experts and some of them have parlayed that experience into fantastic brands.

If you're fashion-obsessed like us, you'll be glad to hear that we will address a few of the "must buy" celebrity brands that are beloved by the savings experts here at Vetted by us and loved by millions, these are a great way to up your style game and still save.


Photo Courtesy of Fabletics

1. Kate Hudson, Fabletics

Kate Hudson's style is impeccable and she's known as a health-conscious and sporty celeb. Because she walks the walk, her sports bras, leggings, and jumpsuits are all carefully curated, trendy, and sport-specific. We are particularly fond of the bras and bralettes, which are super-cute and often feature interesting details like creative strap placement, unusual design elements, and unlimited opportunities for coordination.

Deal Alert! Fabletics offers deals for first-time subscribers, like deeply discounted leggings. Because it's a subscription site, you need to be careful about monthly charges and "skip the month" within the first five days if you don't want to be charged. If you do pay the monthly fee, you can select any outfit from the collection of the month.

House of Harlow 1960

Photo Courtesy of House of Harlow 1960

2. Nicole Richie, House of Harlow 1960

Nicole Richie's stint as a stylist means that she can put together ensembles for days - she's a natural, and spending time in the celebrity world has made her even more style-conscious. With a vintage aesthetic and high-quality design elements, House of Harlow 1960 delivers every time.

Deal Alert! You can score house of Harlow 1960 through Rocksbox, another subscription site that offers some of the best deals. When you subscribe, you get credit towards a purchase and unlimited rentals (three out at a time) during the month. It's a fantastic service to try if you are accessory-obsessed, like us.

The Row

Photo Courtesy of The Row

3. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, The Row

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen moved beyond their childhood acting empire to build another empire in the fashion world. Regularly featured on top blogs and fashion magazines, The Row is pricey but worth the investment. These are high-fashion pieces worth considering because they are the favorite of stylists and editors around the world.

Deal Alert! We suggest going to sites like Net-A-Porter to score a deal on The Row. Here you'll find prices slashed in half, and if you shop alternate seasons, your closet will always be ready for an upcoming season.

The Honest Company

Photo Courtesy of The Honest Company

4. Jessica Alba, The Honest Company

Jessica Alba deserves to be on this list for one reason: she is a big-name star who still puts time in at the office. Not only does her space look amazing, but products from The Honest Company are good for your family and for the environment, too. This adorable company is all about providing parents with healthy alternatives to diapers, formula, cleaning products, vitamins, and more!

Deal Alert! You can purchase your first "bundle" from The Honest Company for a major discount.

Rachel Zoe

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Zoe

5. Rachel Zoe, Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe is a stylist first, and a celebrity second. But given who she keeps company with - and her amazing eye for style - we think that she makes a great caase for herself without much help from us. She puts together ensembles that look effortless, and we think that she makes the case for buying the whole outfit straight off the model (down to the accessories).

Deal Alert! Rachel Zoe's styles can be bought at much-cheaper prices from Nordstrom Rack, which is where we suggest you visit after doing reconnaissance at