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Jewelry is one of the most important items in a lady’s life, but sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the sky-high prices for quality pieces. Thanks to Rocksbox, that’s not a problem anymore! Rocksbox is a luxury jewelry rental service, allowing people to borrow stylish jewelry from designers like Kendra Scott for as long as they like. All you need to have access to the Rocksbox luxury collection is a $21 per month subscription. With that, you can get 3 sets of jewelry at a time to wear with your favorite outfits and show off your style. The best part is that if you fall in love with any of the sets, you can buy it and have it for keeps. Members get a Rocksbox discount towards such purchases so you’ll be able to save on luxury jewelry. If you change your mind after buying a set or it gets damaged, you can return it for a refund or replacement for up to 180 days from the day you bought it. Shipping is always free, whether you’re receiving a set to try on or returning one you’ve had enough of. That means more savings for you! Besides picking out your own sets, you can have a personal Rocksbox stylist help you build your style profile and choose sets that are perfect for you. Whenever you’re ready to return a set you’ve been trying, the stylists over at Rocksbox will start preparing your next set. Get a Rocksbox coupon from for a discount on your subscription and enjoy an endless supply of luxury jewelry.

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rocksbox Coupons and Deals

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Rocksbox was founded by Meaghan Rose who saw an opportunity to make the jewelry shopping process simpler. The company puts people first, redefining the jewelry category as one that’s customer-led. Rocksbox believes jewelry should be an everyday thing and that there’s joy in investing in jewelry for yourself. That’s why the company offers affordable pieces through Rocksbox deals and discounts, plus an easy shopping process.

The way Rocksbox jewelry shopping works is simple and straightforward. First, you browse through thousands of exclusive and designer style jewelry. As you browse, you’ll come across pieces you like and you can add the ones you want to try to a wish list. The pieces you select personally or those recommended by your personal stylist will be yours to wear for as long as you like. If you fall in love with some or all of the sets, you can buy them to be yours through your monthly $21 membership credit. You can return the ones you don’t want to buy once you’re ready to try on more pieces. As a member, you’ll get a Rocksbox discount on buying jewelry in your set or in-store.

For a low membership fee of $21 per month, you can try 3 pieces of jewelry at a time. The sets are shipped for free to you and any you want to return are also delivered back, free of charge. Some of the jewelry designers featured on Rocksbox are Aster, Kendra Scott, Sophie Harper, and gorjana. You can enjoy the stylish jewelry from these designers yourself or give the gift of endless style to someone special with a Rocksbox gift package. The gift packages are in form of memberships for 3, 6, and 12 months. Each comes with a Rocksbox discount, helping you save quite a bit on your gift.

There are many perks to a Rocksbox membership. For example, you’ll always have stylish jewelry to complete your outfits in a way that will make you the envy of the town. Since Rocksbox is first and foremost, a jewelry rental service, you spend a lot less to get designer jewelry from brands you might not normally be able to afford. It’s also a good way to try jewelry pieces out before you buy them, so you can see firsthand how they look with your favorite outfits. In addition, the monthly fee you pay for this privilege is applied as credit towards a purchase if you decide you want to keep something from the set you’re trying on.

Rocksbox Shipping Policy

All orders are delivered via USPS First Class mail, free of charge.

Rocksbox Return Policy

You can cancel a subscription or put it on hold anytime, as long as you return or purchase any sets you have with you and contact Rocksbox via email, phone or text. Rocksbox also allows you to return items you’ve purchased if they become damaged or broken after you buy them, or you change your mind for up to 180 days after purchase. The damaged item will be replaced, although you might have to wait a while if it’s not immediately available.

Rocksbox Saving Tips

By referring friends to Rocksbox, you can get the $25 Forever credit once they become a member. Your referred friend will also get the first month of their membership free.