4 Educational Toys that Go Beyond Building Blocks

Jun 15, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

There are many benefits to choosing educational building toys for your children over the traditional, boring building blocks. Some of these advantages include increased cognitive skills, fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination. These toys can also help children develop problem solving skills, better understand cause-effect relationships, and build positive self-esteem. Wooden blocks may be the perfect option for young children, but as your child gets older, you need building toys that will continue to challenge them and encourage critical thinking. Check out these out-of-the-box educational toys that your children will enjoy:

Droid Inventor Kit

Droid Inventor Kit

Whether your children love Star Wars or not, they’re going to enjoy building their very own droid. Not only will they get to build and decorate the droid, but they can also use the Droid Inventor app to control it. The kit comes with electronic blocks, stickers to customize the droid, and instructions for block-based coding to control it on over 22 missions. It’s no wonder that this kit was given one of the Best Toy Awards in 2017 in Good Housekeeping. The Droid Inventor kit will provide your child hours of fun while teaching the basics of coding their very own R2-D2. Looking to save on your kids educational toys? Use code INVENT10 and get $10 off your purchase online!

Electronic Building Kits

Electronic Building Kits

If your children enjoy working with electronic blocks, they’re going to love these kits. littleBits offers several kits that vary from simple to complex depending on your children’s age and skill level. These kits are made for children to create entirely on their own, giving them complete control over their designs. Some of the kits available include a Bubble Bot, Night Light, Crawly Creature, or an Arcade Game. Your children can complete all the kits, which will help them learn about how electricity works in the process.


K’Nex Model Building Set

For your budding architects, K’Nex Model Building sets are a great option. These sets are great for developing fine motor skills, spatial awareness, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Each set comes with rods, connectors, and other parts to create structures based on the provided designs or from your children’s imagination. There are even motorized sets available, so your children can add electronic components to their masterpieces. You can also purchase additional sets to allow your children to build on their creations and make something of which they can be truly proud.

magnetic tiles

Magnetic Tiles

Magnetic tiles allow you to create 3D shapes and designs. Playing with these tiles can help your children develop spatial awareness, problem solving skills, creativity, hand-eye coordination, concentration, and cognitive processes. There are numerous sets available, including ones with wheels, that can be grouped together to create something amazing. Children can spend hours creating design after design as their imaginations soar.

So, how can you determine the right educational toys for your children? Two of the things that you should consider include new skills you want your children to develop and areas of learning that you wish to focus on. You should also look for different ways to play and allow your children time to play independently and cooperatively. For more ideas of educational toys that go beyond building blocks, check out and littleBits to find great deals on toys your children will enjoy.