2014 Fashion Trends: Golden Globes Edition

2014 Fashion Trends: Golden Globes Edition

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamJan 13, 20144 min read

Awards season is in full swing, meaning we are seeing the best of Hollywood’s fashion! As with every red carpet event, last night’s Golden Globes brought hits and misses and left us questioning many of the stylists’ decisions, but nonetheless had us craving the newest trends. Of course, we still have the best fashions to come in March at the Oscars, but until then, I have pulled out my favorites based on what I saw last night and in the trend reports so far for the New Year.

To begin, I love contrast especially when it is in the form of accessories. There definitely was no shortage of beautiful and bold jewelry last night, but my favorite was the black with bright blue combo. Sophia Vergara had one of the most memorable outfits, in my opinion, of the night despite the fact that she was wearing a fairly simple dress compared to the others because of her beautiful necklace. Emma Roberts also dazzled with eye-popping earrings.

I love this fashion trick because you don’t have to spend a ton of money to make a statement. It is also very easy to replicate in your own life!

J.Crew always has beautiful statement jewelry, and although their current collection doesn’t have the same vibrant turquoise color that Emma is styling, they still have pieces that will draw everyone’s attention. Check out these stunning earrings:

One of the biggest trends that I saw last night was sequin and sparkles. Maybe you were watching it, saying that it looked more like a New Year’s Eve party than an award show, but I loved it. I will admit that I am a big fan of sparkle and glitter, and I like to incorporate it in my wardrobe whenever I can, not just for special occasions. E! News did a great job compiling some of the best sparkly dresses from the night! I have to say that Kate Beckinsale’s dress knocks it out of the park!

If you are bold enough and really want to flaunt all those shimmers and shines, then I suggest taking the risk with an all-glitter dress, like these showstoppers from Kohl’s and Urban Outfitters, respectively. You can dress them down with a blazer and flats, paired with a simple hairstyle, or you can go all out and dress them up! I always like to think that you can never be too overdressed as long as you are comfortable in what you are wearing.


If dresses aren’t your thing, try a pair of sequin track pants from Urban Outfitters or a sequin skirt from Macy’s. These are great options for a more laidback take on sequins! Pair these with your favorite sweater or shirt, and you will instantly look chic. If these are still too much for you, just grab a glitter clutch to spice up your outfit of choice! I love this J.Crew Glitter Minaudiere!

The last major trend that I am very excited about for this season is all of the bold colors! From the large amount of red that we saw to the beautiful shades of blues and yellows, these simple, bold outfits definitely made a red carpet entrance. What impressed me even more was how the women that wore these fashions also left their accessories, hair and makeup to a minimum, letting their outfit hold its own. This trend is perfect for those who do not like to mess too much with their look, but still want to be stylish and trendy.

Bloomingdale’s newest arrivals are full of colorful pieces that suit everyone’s tastes, from dresses to tops to beachwear! This trend is so universal and will really let you get your money’s worth because the bright colors can be worn all the way through the summer! There is nothing better than getting a few months out of a great outfit! Here are some of my favorites:

Following fashion trends does get very expensive, but I think that these are easy ways to look fashionable without breaking the bank. How do you feel about these new trends? Are there any that you saw at the Golden Globes and loved that I didn’t mention?