12 Unique Ways You Can Lose or Break Sunglasses

Nov 07, 2018Reading Time: 5 min

We often associate the coolest and best brands with being expensive. Not so with Knockaround! They make high quality, fashionable sunglasses, including polarized options, and sell them for super cheap prices. Like the name says, don’t worry about knocking them around. You can easily replace them for very little money if you break or lose them. Why make a giant investment in expensive shades when you can get the same quality and look for less? Consider these 12 unique ways that you can lose or break sunglasses before buying your next pair.

ocean wave

1. Ocean play

Sunglasses can fall off in the ocean when you go swimming or play at the beach. You never know when that wave is gonna sweep in and steal your shades and your pride when you tumble on the beach.

basketball dunk

2. Playing sports outside

It’s bright outside so playing sports without sunglasses is dangerous to your eyes and to your game. But just when you feel safe some ball is going to clock you in the face and break your sunglasses. Goodbye money and goodbye athletic reputation.

two people sitting down

3. Sitting on them

Ever stick your sunglasses in your pocket, forget about them, and plop down to a butt-hurting crunch? Yep. You’ve just sat on and broken your sunglasses.

restaurant table

4. Forgetting them at a table at a restaurant or bar

You know you’ve done this. You get super invested in your plate of nachos and not wanting to share them when you move on to texting, pay your bill, and leave without your sunglasses. You left your waistline and your expensive designer shades at your favorite Mexican restaurant.

kid with glasses

5. Child’s Play

When you let your kid play with your glasses, they are done for. Chances are junior doesn’t know how expensive a bit of plastic and 2 lenses are, and while it is just adorable when kids wear oversized shades, you will get them back bent and broken.

dogs laying down

6. Have a pet?

Your dog will eat your sunglasses if your cat doesn’t bat them off a table or scratch them first. Anything smaller than the size of their head is a chew toy, or at the very least an enemy. You are sure to find plastic bits here and a lens there. Good luck piecing together that puzzle.

guy driving car

7. Dashboard mayhem

Leave sunglasses on the dash of your car? If it’s hot and you’re parking in the sun they could melt leaving behind a puddle of plastic and two sad useless lenses. Summer time without sunglasses is the worst, so take those shades with you when you leave your car parked in the heat.

lawn mower

8. House Chores

Mowing the lawn is dirty business. Not only will you literally get dirty and crust your shades, those puppies turn into mulch if they cross paths with the John Deer. That is why Knockaround’s started!

girl with sunglasses on head

9. Head on Mistake

The classic sunglasses move is to place them on your head when indoors. Well that my friends is a big mistake. Next thing you know you bend over to pick something up and those babies are taking a dive to the tile floor. At the very least those lenses are scratched to no end or if you are really unlucky you will have a lens popped out.

girl driving in car

10. Forgetful mistake

Ever have your hands full when getting into your car and decide to pawn your items off on the hood of your car? Ever forget you did so? Next thing you know you drive off and leave your sunglasses in the wind, or the street. Either way, they are gone.

break up

11. Relationship Woes

Bad Breakup? Giving your ex's box of stuff back is for television and movies. That never happens in real life. If you left your favorite designer shades at your ex’s house, consider those sunglasses gone forever. You know you’re not going back for them.

guy in sunglasses

12. Borrowed…forever

Someone borrowed your sunglasses, they’re theirs now. Shady, we know, but best leave the “sharing is caring” to the kids at lunchtime and keep those sunglasses to yourself.

Since you can buy ten pairs of Knockaround sunglasses for less than one pair of many other designer sunglasses, why not buy several pairs, because chances are, you will lose or break your sunglasses. You can also check out the sales and use a Knockaround promo code! as a new customer to get 10% off your order! Just try not to lose them or break them this time.