Online Dating: Saving Your Time and Your Wallet

Online Dating: Saving Your Time and Your Wallet

Nicole Brown

Nicole BrownApr 04, 20173 min read

The world of dating is full of options and opportunities to suit every type of person. While blind dates and meeting in person used to be the norm, online dating is now a very common way to meet others. It has grown in popularity and offers many advantages over other types of dating. The benefits of online dating can even make meeting in person more worthwhile, both emotionally and financially. Here are some reasons why you should give online dating a try:


Adheres to your personality

If you are shy or have a fear of rejection, online dating can work wonders for your dating life. When online, you can really showcase your personality and stir up conversation before you meet face to face. Once you are ready to meet face to face, conversing is easier because you have already spoken online. For those afraid of rejection, you will already have the security of knowing that your date is definitely interested in you. 

Ease for a busy lifestyle

For those people whom lead very busy lives or little time to devote to meeting others, online dating is a great idea.  It helps to streamline the dating process by eliminating partners you know that you are uninterested in or don’t have anything in common with. It also increases the chances that the person that you go on a date with is someone that you will have a genuine connection with. Another great advantage is that you can find and talk to a few potential partners at one time. Two great sites eharmony and offer in depth profiling so that you are sure to spend your time using the site most efficiently. Both eharmony and match are offering a free personality profile as one of many great deals for their members. With the savings you can splurge for a more expensive dinner when you make a connection! 

Various relationship options

Perhaps you are not sure exactly what you are looking for. Maybe you are just looking to hook up or for something non-committal but with potential to develop into a long-term relationship. If this sounds like you, then Tinder might be the app for you! Originally starting out as a "hook up" app, people have found long-term love (and dates) with this online dating tool.  What is great about Tinder is that it is free, and offers upgrades within the app. The upgrades offer benefits such as, never missing your matches, moving your profile to the top in your area or expanding your connection options.  

Money Saving

Sometimes, money is an issue when it comes to dating. The truth is online dating offers you more savings. Before committing to a relationship, the dating process often requires multiple dates with multiple people. This translates to a hefty amount of money being spent on someone you may not even like! Online dating sites offer price conscious membership options and various levels of membership. Other sites such as offer further savings with site-specific promotions!  With the money saved you can get quite a few dating memberships!! 

If you are looking to meet someone new or explore possibilities, give online dating a try. With just a little commitment and time, you could potentially meet the perfect person. It’s the perfect deal!