10 Things You’re Spending Too Much Money On (And 10 Ideas On How To Stop)

Mar 21, 2018Reading Time: 8 min

We all could be better penny pinchers. But the hectic rush of life can sometimes get in the way of planning our budgets and finding the best prices. It’s okay, we’re human. AND, we have this beautiful blog. is here to save the day! Here are a few ideas on how to control our shopping impulses and habits.



While usually convenient, major grocery store chains tend to have higher price points. You can save a significant chunk of change by planning your trips to your local Aldi. Once you compare receipts, you’ll be financially flabbergasted!

Another option is to buy in bulk. It’s amazing what you can get for $100 at Costco versus what you can buy at the regular grocery store. UH-MAZ-ING. Bulk groceries can last for a long time, so pick out things you know you’ll consume and save yourself a few trips back to the store.



Yes, coffee. While this is more of an eye-roll-worthy reminder rather than a news flash, it’s one of our biggest money-wasters. True, we all need that early morning pick-me-up, but spending $5 five times a week adds up big time. Instead of grinding away $100 per month on caffeinated delicacies, we can brew our own blend at home. Seriously. We can. It may be a matter of starting slow and building up to daily cups of joe from home, but it’s possible. Use a cute mug that makes you smile, or get a reusable Starbucks replica to-go mug, if you need to trick yourself that a barista made that beverage just for you.



Behold, another guilty pleasure. After a long workweek, sometimes (okay, all the time) we just want to plop on the couch and have Joey the delivery guy show up at our door with a piping hot pie. It’s a fabulous feeling. But this fabulousness costs maybe $30 a pop, depending on extra sides, drinks, delivery fees, and tip. Just because you look like million bucks doesn’t mean you need to spend it, doll! You know who has awesome and cheap frozen pizzas? Trader Joe’s. For about $5 you can get a whole pizza, ready in about 13 minutes, especially if you know how to use an oven. Trader Joe’s has all kinds of flavors and brands imported from Italia. You can literally buy about six pizzas for the price of one order from the shop down the street.



Birthday happy hours. Promotion-congrats celebrations. Obligatory graduation shindigs. Housewarming parties. Wedding showers. Baby showers. And yes, grandma showers. (Don’t even ask.) We’re called upon many, many times to deliver gifts to every occasion under the sun. And don’t get us wrong…it’s fun to give! But come on, people.

It’s truly okay to stick with a budget, however modest when giving to a friend or family member. We know there’s pressure to spend enough so it feels appropriate for the event, and, let’s face it, to not to look cheap. But we’re all paying way too much on these frivolous items that, frankly, not everyone fully appreciates. Limit your spending to the people who really matter in your world, and the people who matter won’t care if your gift is big or small. Even make a budget for the year on how much you’re willing to fork over.


Household Cleaners

Have you checked the price of cleaning products lately? Disinfectant isn’t what you’d call dirt cheap. But we want to be clean and tidy, right? Don’t polish off your savings with overpriced spritzes and sprays. Look online at natural cleaning solutions you can do with basic household items. Baking soda is a wonderful cleaning agent that works on tough stains and refreshing a space. Vinegar is another robust cleaner for all kinds of corners in your home. Also, think of ways to save on wipes and paper towels, and use old cut-up t-shirts or socks as dust rags for all kinds of surfaces. Want more eco-friendly tips? Check out Trash Is For Tossers You’ll find a world of tips that’ll free up some funds and allow us all to be gentler with the earth.


Gym Memberships

Most of us are pretty guilty of this one. With good intentions, we promise ourselves that THIS TIME we’re REALLY going to hunker down and hit the gym. Fast forward two hours later, one glass of wine, and half a bag of chips gone, and here we are again…paying a steep gym membership and sitting on our butts (which aren’t getting any smaller, by the way). Stop this madness! Quit the gym, but not the workouts. There are tons of free workouts online, on apps, and on your living room floor (ever heard of crunches, people?). Slim that budget down, beefcake!



We all love deals, but these, too, can get out of hand. Statements like, “I got this dress for ONLY twenty bucks!” or “My bag was HALF off.” or “It was a better deal to buy the WHOLE 8-piece set.” Sound familiar? Sales are definitely good, but stop and think, “Do I really need this?” Most likely, you don’t. (Sorry, truth hurts.) There will always be good buys, so choose wisely and live up to the smarty you totally are.



We know you have style. But that high-fashion sensibility of yours doesn’t need to be high-priced. Never pay too much for your apparel. Shop around, wait for items to go on sale, and check out discount stores like Marshalls and T.J. Maxx for adorable wardrobe pieces for much less. And have you tried Poshmark? It’s an online community of fashion sellers consisting of gently pre-loved and never-worn pieces. This is the place to get a steal on designer brands. You can search by the designers you love or just leisurely browse all over this digital shop. You can sell out of your closet, too!



It seems like anything electronic is always expensive, especially if we’re not terribly techie. How do we compare prices when we’re not really sure what the heck we’re buying? There’s a cure for this conundrum! Ritz Camera is a trusted retailer that offers great deals on quality cameras and accessories. This grey-market dealer has those nifty Nikon cameras we all love but sells them for a much better price because they don’t come with the traditional Nikon warranty. BUT, Ritz Camera has a similar warranty, and who doesn’t want a Nikon for not-full-price?


Pet Supplies

Having a fur baby costs the big bucks. And unlike a human baby, we can’t claim them as dependents. But nevertheless, babies they are! Vet bills, ER vet bills, and pet sitters can easily blow the budget, so why are we paying top dollar for our pet’s supplies? Don’t get us wrong, pets are totally, definitely, 110% worth it, but we can be price prudent. Again, Marshalls and T.J. Maxx have AWESOME pet products and they cost way less. And oh, maybe you could improvise and make some of these items at home? Does your dog steal your socks? Roll up a bunch of old pairs and make them their new favorite toy. What about peanut butter? Can you treat them with this for a week without emptying out your treats canister? Can you bathe your pet a little more often and hold off on the grooming for another few weeks? Think before you spend, and give that fur kid some extra kisses from us.

Hope these ideas helped a little. The main thing is to think about what’s eating up our budgets and find better ways to get the best out of life. It’s possible, fellow savers, and we know you can do it!