10 Interior Design Trends You Don't Want to Miss

10 Interior Design Trends You Don't Want to Miss

Kelsey Ferrara

Kelsey FerraraMay 07, 20186 min read

The interior design world is heating up this summer with brand new trends and accessories that you need to see to believe! You can stay up-to-date on everything from home decor to kitchen appliances thanks to websites like Build.com! This site is always in touch with the hottest new styles and designers and, more importantly, they offer everything that you’ll need to build your dream home from the ground up. While curating the perfect space can get expensive, users can use this exclusive coupon code to receive $30 off orders of $500 or more!


1. Accessories Aplenty

We can be sure of one thing for this season - accessories are a must-have! Minimalism has been kicked to the curb in favor of stocking your home with items that are both adorable and useful. This includes cozy throw blankets and wall decors such as clocks, mirrors, and shelves. Add a special flair to your room by incorporating an organizer that doubles as an eye-catching design piece. Take this United States Wall Shelf as an example. This fixture provides a unique look while also offering a home to your knick-knacks and house plants. After all, accessories are in but a cluttered house isn’t.


2. You Won’t Be-leaf This

Houseplants are growing more and more popular when it comes to designing a welcoming space. This is mainly due to the recent news that many plants bring unexpected health benefits and can clear harmful contaminants from the air. Additionally, foliage can play a huge role in tailoring the tone of a room. Many homeowners have plated with this notion and have created modern looks with hanging plants and mantelpieces. If you’re not into taking care of a living creature, you can create the same contemporary effect with fake plants, which are much easier to handle. Even faux plants will create a feeling of balance within a space, as they’ll remind visitors of the harmony of nature.


3. Gotta Have Gold

We have seen it in everything from phone cases to Coachella outfits, so it should be no surprise that gold furniture is quickly becoming the latest May trend. Last year, we saw metallics thrive and take over everything from paint shades to room accents - and not it’s time for gold to shine! This color makes for a sophisticated addition to any room and will act as the perfect accent color to spice up a drab space. The Sunburst Wall Mirror above is just one example of how a simple design can go the extra mile when it’s draped in gold. If you feel like your living room is missing something, it’s time to go golden!


4. Health & Wellness

With more people turning things like yoga and adopting healthier lifestyles, they’ve also started bringing their knowledge of wellness into their homes. Wellness is quickly becoming one of the top trends this May as more individuals are seeking to improve their physical and mental health. We expect to see an increase in bedrooms that are decorated in cool shades of lavender and gray to promote a sense of calm. These shades are known to promote relaxation and allow homeowners to build a sanctuary where they can decompress from a stressful day. Decor and art can often aid in helping an individual calm down from the day, just like the gorgeous landscape print above which features the serene depiction of a sunset over lavender fields.


5. A Pop of Color

Vibrant colors are coming back into style this spring and summer! This is especially true when it comes to gentle colors, earth tones, and shades that are found in nature. We will soon see a serious uptick in the number of colorful throws, rugs, and other accessories that will add a much-needed pop of color to neutral and monochromatic rooms. You can get ahead of this craze by visiting Build.com and checking out their huge assortment of colorful rugs and accent pieces that will add a bubbly feel to your room.


6. Boho or Bust

While the Bohemian trend definitely isn’t new when it comes to interior design, it will continue to dominate throughout May. This theme brings together inviting colors, textures, and patterns to create a homey feel that all designers can get behind like these patturned pillows. Only at Build.com will you be able to find the newest looks that will keep this style feeling fresh and exciting.


7. Time for Tropical

Floral print was all the rage at the beginning of spring, but things have quickly changed. We have seen a movement towards the highly recognizable tropical palm fronds that are reminiscent of dreamy vacations and Caribbean Islands. Adding this pattern to wallpaper or decor will add a fresh pop of texture to a boring wall or empty end table. Not to mention, it also brings a feeling of imagination to an otherwise dark space. If you aren’t ready to commit to the vibrant colors that this pattern brings, you can start out with these Large Cast Tropical Leaves that come in neutral and gray tones.


8. Very, Very Vintage

Another trend that is going to be huge for may is the combination of vintage and contemporary furniture. Vintage decor brings character and can add a feeling of depth to your home. Many interior designers are beginning to bring together both new and old items to create a fresh, modern home. This combo brings together influences from the past and present to build something entirely new! The Pepsi-Cola print above is the perfect example of an art piece that can brighten up a kitchen while also sparking a dinner conversation.


9. It’s Lit!

It is amazing how changing something as simple as light fixtures can completely transform a room. This May, try something entirely new and switch old lights for hanging fixtures that combine a vintage and modern feel. An example of this combination can be seen in the Mason Jar Mini Pendant Lights above, which bring an effortlessly chic flair to the room. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, this is the perfect addition if you’re looking to spice up a room while staying within a budget.


10. iHouse

The final trend you need to know about this May are all the latest inventions in home automation! This month, we are expecting to see a huge influx of upgrades when it comes to making your home life easier. One example is the Google Assistant which is a handy device that will help run your hectic home from a single hub. The Google Assistant will help you turn on the lights, do hands-free Google searches, play your favorite songs, and so much more. Be sure to check out Build.com for all of the cutting edge tech in home automation!