An Affordable Phone Case For Your Personality Type

An Affordable Phone Case For Your Personality Type

Kelsey Ferrara

Kelsey FerraraMar 19, 20185 min read

With all the recent advances in technology, it’s not surprising that there is a case out there for every kind of device imaginable. We want to protect the tech we love with quality cases for those “oops, dropped my phone” moments. But did you know there are also designs for every kind of person imaginable?

Instead of opting for whatever case happens to be available at a retail store, you can nab one that actually protects your phone and shows off your unique style. This is all thanks to online retailers like Caseable, which provide hundreds of cases and covers that will show off your quirky side without going over budget. So, go ahead! Take a deep dive into these artistic renderings and designs until you find one that speaks to your inner self.


The Art Student

Abstract and complex – this case was specially made for art students who are rushing to class with arms full of projects and late assignments. This design will give your case an extra artistic flair that everyone will appreciate whenever you whip out your cell phone to update your Instagram or Tumblr account. Its abstract shapes create a sense of mystery – similar to your future employment status. The multi-faceted design is perfect for the art student who has to juggle school, doodling, and the night shift at Starbucks. Caseable knows that money can be tight for college students, so they often run exclusive deals and promo codes for cases like this.


The Business Executive

This case is perfect for the Business Executive on the go who can only check their phone between meetings and sips of black coffee. With its sleek and professional style, this case will fit perfectly within any atmosphere – whether it’s in a business casual office or in an important meeting with a new client. Additionally, it will reflect the efficient and no-nonsense approach you take when running your business. Your peers will undoubtedly crowd around the water cooler and gossip about your new phone or laptop cover that perfectly captures your analytical personality.

The City Dweller

Only a true city dweller can come to appreciate the edgy and chaotic masterpiece of this phone case! This design features a lively, bustling cityscape that is a constant blur of motion and sound.  It captures the beauty of gray buildings and monotone landscapes without a single plant in sight – just like the view from your apartment complex! Unlike your expensive living situation, this cover comes with huge promo codes and discounts that are exclusive to Caseable.


The Fangirl / Fanboy

Posters and graphic t-shirts just aren’t enough anymore – now you can show your love for television and movies on your favorite electronic devices. With a simple logo or an iconic catchphrase, you can share your nerdiness with the world! If you only love obscure shows, don’t worry! With Caseable’s Create Your Own Design feature, you can create personalized cases that fit all of your dorky interests. Thanks to this feature, you’ll never be far from your favorite characters!

The Traveler

We’ve all been struck with the urge to travel to far off places and strange new lands – but some of us were born with an intense wanderlust. If you’re one of those travel-junkies, then I have found the perfect phone case for you! With an inspirational message, this design will keep you motivated to plan your next big road trip across the country. Not to mention, this phone is sure to stay securely in your pocket whether you’re traveling by boat, plane, taxi, or canoe. This little case is the perfect travel companion and will come in handy when taking travel-selfies to document your trip.

The Parent

Hey, we get it. Sometimes the only way to get your kids to calm down is to hand over your cellphone and let them play a few apps. Now you can finally let your kids play on your devices without worrying about the potential damage. That’s because cases and covers from Caseable are durable enough to survive the grip of a five-year-old and feature characters cute enough to stop a temper tantrum. If you spend your days running from soccer practice, to band recitals, to PTA meetings – then you need something that is as reliable and versatile as you are! You’ll have one less thing to worry about thanks to this case!

The Cat Lady

Need a gift for the crazy cat lady in your life? Instead of getting ANOTHER cat toy that will just take up space, get them something that they will really love! No, I’m not talking about another cat – I’m talking about a phone case that will remind them of their pets. This case was designed for the pet owner who spends their free time snapping silly pictures of their pets and liking baby animal videos on Facebook. One design I highly recommend features a collage of dozens of different, adorable cats which will capture the heart of your feline-obsessed friend.


The Photographer

Calling all photographers! Your search for an artistic phone case is over thanks to the huge library of photography-inspired covers at Caseable! Finally, you can have a cover that is as deep and emotionally complicated as you are. Whether you’re looking for stunning landscapes or highly saturated close-ups, you are sure to find it here! Not to mention, this cover will serve as an inspiration for amateur photographers to keep searching for that perfect picture.  While a camera phone can’t compare to your high-tech camera equipment, you still need a phone case that looks picture perfect.


The Trendsetter

Everyone has a fashionista friend who is up-to-date on the latest ins and outs of the beauty world. But when it comes to holidays and birthdays they prove to be difficult to shop for due to their classy tastes and cutting-edge lifestyle. So, what can you give the person who has everything? A phone case, of course! This design features glimmering gold shapes that are undercut by black marble which creates a unique and timeless look. Don’t let the glamour fool you, this case is an affordable gift that your fashionable friends will love!