10 Date Ideas that Won't Cost You a Dime

Jul 18, 2018Reading Time: 6 min

It can be hard to balance your love life and a strict budget, but it isn’t impossible! With the help of our savings experts we have collected quite a few ways to WOW your significant other without having empty your bank account. Below are 10 date ideas that you and your partner can enjoy without paying a dime:

Museum and Library date ideas

1. Learn Something New Together

You would be surprised at just how many museums have free-entry days! You can take advantage of this by going on a free date with your partner and learn something new together. While this is definitely a non-traditional date idea, it's a great way to shake things up and try something new in your love life. Not to mention, learning something new together and broadening your mental horizons can be a great bonding experience. If museums aren't an option for you, you can visit your local public library to check out a few free books. You can even turn this into a game: you choose your partners next book to read, while they pick one out for you.

Beach Days

2. Kick Back & Relax during a Beach Day

If you live anywhere near the beach, you know that it is sometimes easy to overlook just how amazing and relaxing the ocean can be. However, you can make any day extra special by spending time with your significant other while exploring adorable beach towns and nearby attractions. Or, you can always take the more affordable route and simply lounge on the sand while soaking up some sun all day.

Picnic Dates

3. Have a Picnic at a Local Park

Having a picnic at a local park is a classic date idea that is equal parts romantic and affordable! You can add a homemade touch by making the foods yourself and bringing a comfy beach towel. This simple date idea will allow you and your partner to chat, decompress from a busy day, and bond over a nice meal! Not to mention you'll be able to enjoy everything the great outdoors has to offer. If you are looking for more activities, you can search free outdoor events that are commonly held at public parks.

Costco Food Sample tour

4. Sample Foods at Costco

While this is definitely one of the sillier date ideas on the list, there is no denying that everyone loves free food! So, grab your love and go on a tour around your local Costco for this out-of-the-box date idea. Be sure to visit all of the sample booths so you can dine on all of the exquisite choices that Costco has to offer. For an extra twist, you and your boo can rate all of the different foods and vote on which is your favorite - all at not cost to you.

Game Night: Board games and Video games

5. Game Night!

Whether it's classic Shoots and Ladders or a newly released video game, you can't go wrong with a couples game night! You and your beloved can dust off those childhood board games and play a few rounds of your favorite old-school game. Or, if those aren't your style, you can plug in the Xbox and try your hand at a first-person shooter or RPG. To add some variety, you can turn this into a double-date by inviting another couple to your game night. With this new addition, you can have a Couple vs. Couple showown in whatever style of game you choose to play. Not only will this bring out your more playful side, it will also be a great bonding experience with your partner if you work together as a team (just don't get too competitive, ok?).

geocaching treasure hunt date

6. Go Geocaching

Don't know what geocaching is? This little-known hobby involves exploring you local area and hunting for hidden objects by using GPS coordinates. This free-for-all treasure hunting game is open to everyone and encourages the exploration of your local neighborhood. By downloading the free app or visiting the website, you can find the location of geocaches hidden all around you! Still not 100% sure how to play? Be sure to check out this guide for all of the rules and a comprehensive explanation of how to play. Geocaching is the perfect leisurely activity for adventure-loving couples who are looking to get out of the house and start a new hobby together.

Trivia Night Date

7. Visit Local Bars during Trivia Night

It doesn't matter if you're a trivia master or a newbie, trivia nights have a little something for everyone. Many local bars feature trivia nights that are completely free, and you should definitely check them out on your next date night. You might just surprise yourself (and your partner) with how much knowledge you've collected over the years. Not to mention, you just might find a new appreciation for your partner after working on a team together.

Hiking trails

8. Go For a Hike

If you're feeling particularly outdoorsy, hop in the car with your beloved and go on a hike to explore nature in your local area. Aren't sure where to start? You can check out AllTrails where you'll find over 50,000 trails all over the country! This unique date idea allows you to exercise alongside your partner, experience new sites, and snap some beautiful pictures of nature.

Unique Volunteering Date

9. Volunteer & Make a Difference Together

While cleaning out cages at a dog shelter isn't the most romantic date ever, there is something sweet about working with your partner to make your community a better place. We understand that you may have a busy schedule, but replacing one of your date nights with a shift at a local soup kitchen can make a big difference. Sit down with your partner and pick out a few charities, non-profits, or shelters that you would like to volunteer for together, and get to work!

Backyard Camping Stay-cation

10. Go Camping (with a Twist)

If you really want to save some money while making the perfect date night, you need to have a stay-cation! You can easily stage an at-home camp out by setting up a tent in your backyard or, if the weather doesn't allow it, in your living room. During this camp out, you can enjoy all of the traditional aspects of camping: roast marshmallows over the stove, listen to the sounds of nature from an app on your phone, and google ghost stories to scare one another! When you're tuckered out, you both can crawl into your tent and cuddle up in your sleeping bags for an authentic stay-cation experience.