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Zinus gets it. The bed, the mattress, and all the trappings are what we should be prioritizing. Sleep rejuvenates us, it’s enlivens us, and when we have a bad “sleep night” we feel it right away. For all the sleep that we need, many of us don’t prioritize it like we should. Well, not until Zinus. This bed-and-mattress store is on a mission to remind us how important sleep really is.

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Zinus understands sleep -- or as they put it, “the world of wonder.” This company has a certain easy-breezy attitude towards its bedroom gear, and it combines fair prices with quality goods. Beds can be particularly expensive, so it’s important to note Zinus’s price points: platform bed frames start at $100. And to top that off, the box springs are around the same price.

You can get a better lay of the land at Zinus by starting your shopping spree in the bed frames and foundations section. The shop has a tightly-edited selection of bunk bed frames, steel base frames, box springs, and more… and ratings are front and center, so you definitely know what you’re getting. This is a company that is proud of its reviews -- as it should be! And whereas most mattresses can be prohibitively expensive, Zinus has found a way to combine good looks and quality construction with a price point that doesn’t sting. Prices start at an incredibly low $95.

One of Zinus’ intriguing features is their section dedicated to their “fluffiest mattress yet.” The company has developed affordable memory-foam mattresses that “conform to your coziest sleeping positions.” Starting at just under $100, these fluffy mattresses are available in “pressure relief,” “cool gel,” and “cloud memory.” Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

Mattress purchases can be a bit scary, and that’s why Zinus backs up their claims with a trial period that extends over the course of three months. You get 100 days to test most mattresses on the site, and that will help you make a decision on what could be a game-changing mattress.

Why Buying A Mattress Online Saves More

Why Buying A Mattress Online Saves More

Buying a mattress is more than simply choosing a size from the options Queen, King, Double, or Single. Even deciding between a firm and hard mattress, while very important, is not all there is to picking a good one.