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Loving yourself comes with a new meaning when you have Womanizer in your hands, so to speak. Womanizer is a brand specializing in helping women achieve sexual fulfilment. Whether you want to explore your body by playing on your own or reach new heights of sexual pleasure with your partner, Womanizer can help you do just that. The unique toys offered by the brand are made with the utmost attention to design, combining technology and innovation to produce one-of-a-kind toys. The toys are designed to help you focus on clitoral stimulation in just the right amount so it’s enough to get you off the way you crave without going over and desensitizing that area. No matter what age you are, Womanizer will help you love yourself in the best way possible. In addition to helping you be more comfortable with exploring your body, Womanizer also encourages having conversations about self-love and masturbation. With the help of influencers and experts, the brand promotes open dialogue on issues of self-love and why it’s nothing to be ashamed of. You can be part of the conversation too by signing up to receive emails from Womanizer and through the brand’s blog. If you want to take it a step further and actively engage in self-exploration, you can get the fun, unique toys Womanizer offers at a discount by redeeming our Womanizer coupons when you order.

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Womanizer Coupons and Deals

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Womanizer Coupons

Womanizer provides a platform for a conversation that many prefer not to talk about in public, and that is masturbation. The brand encourages women to love their bodies and provides unique tools to help them explore their bodies and find sexual fulfilment. In essence, Womanizer strives to eliminate the narrative that solo sex is something to be ashamed of by promoting open conversations about masturbation and providing toys that make the adventure fun and fulfilling. If you’re up for some self-exploration, you can use the Womanizer coupons available on our site to get a discount on orders of the innovative toys they offer. When Michael Lenke and his wife created Womanizer in 2014, their goal was to shake up the sex toy market and provide some much needed change to the industry. Each toy made uses the patented Pleasure AirTM technology that provides clitoral stimulation without the need for direct contact. In addition to providing just the right amount of stimulation, this technology also eliminates the desensitizing effect most sex toys have. You can browse the different toys Womanizer offers under the Products section and learn more about them by clicking on each one. After you find one you’d like to try, you can add it to your shopping bag and proceed to the checkout page to place your order. To save on your purchase, you can redeem our Womanizer promo codes or coupons on the checkout page and get a discount.

Apart from unique toys that give unforgettable orgasms using innovative technology, Womanizer also sells accessories such as Womanizer simulation heads and charging cables to go with your toys. The replacement heads are made from medical grade silicone and you can check which Womanizer model each head is suitable for before you buy. Once you’re sure you have the right accessory, you can add it to your cart and proceed to checkout. Using a Womanizer coupon code from Promocodes.com, you can buy your accessories at a discounted price.

All rechargeable and battery-powered items sold by Womanizer or authorized re-sellers have a 2-year warranty. Warranty claims can only cover working parts affecting the function of the purchased toy. Therefore, wear and tear as a result of accidents, misuse, or neglect are not covered. In order to activate the warranty, you have to have your receipt or some other form of proof of purchase showing when and where you bought the toy.

Womanizer Shipping Policy

Orders are packed in plain boxes and labelled discreetly for your privacy. If your order total is over $50.00, it qualifies for the free shipping Womanizer deal, provided the destination address is within the continental USA.

Womanizer Return Policy

There’s no satisfaction guarantee offered on Womanizer products and returns are not accepted due to the nature of the product. There may be exceptions for defective products, depending on the retailer location.

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If you subscribe to the newsletter, you’ll get a Womanizer discount worth 5% on every product, plus exclusive promotions, a welcome voucher and tips about self-love and pleasure.