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For a great night’s sleep that doesn't cost you a pretty penny, try Winkbed. Worth every dollar,'s discounts still helps you to save some when ordering luxury mattress from Winkbeds. Winkbeds has a great innovative design that helps to support the back, joints, and offer a temperature controlled sleeping experience. Try winkbed mattresses for an experience like no other. The company offers both free shipping and free returns.

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Wink Beds Coupons and Deals

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Winkbeds Review: Win Sleep and Savings With Winkbed

WinkBed’s are custom made for every order and comes directly to your door. The beds are made in the USA in Wisconsin with a few great features. The mattress has a 3-step back relief system, controlled temperature abilities, and innovative properties that were designed to help you receive optimal sleep. The three step back relief allows for muscles to relax as well as joints to receive proper support. There is a lumbar pad that also supports the lower back as well. There is a hybrid design of coils and foam which offers the perfect mix of support and coils. The coils are surrounded by a stabilizing gel foam layer which provides support but also keeps the bed from moving as well. Specialty foam allows for pressure relief. Additionally, you can choose your firmness level. The controlled temperature abilities help to achieve the right temperature for sleep. The ventilation system allows for heat to disperse as well as the cool Control mattress base helps keep the temperature of the mattress down. The mattress itself is features a tencel layer which helps to keep the body cool, and comforted with its breathable and soft properties as well as micro air springs. Edges are made with sag support so that the edges stay firm! The Winkbed company offers a 120 day risk free trial and a 50% lifetime guarantee, which guarantees a full replacement at 50% of the current price. Use discounts and coupon codes from to experience Winkbed at a price that is right for you!