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The Wall Street Journal is a leading business newspaper that offers more than just stock information today -- and it’s easier to get on sale than ever before.

The publication, started in the 1880s, has gone through cycles of popularity, but it’s also strived to deliver on its promise as a trusted financial newspaper. It rose to its current prominence in the 1940s and was first to place stringer journalists in every main financial center.

If you’re into financial news, The Wall Street Journal is a must-read. For those who share the paper on the weekend with family, the lifestyle and luxury section is a great addition. The “Life & Style” and “Personal Journal” sections add value to the publication, widening its readership even further.

Some people ask if a subscription to The Wall Street Journal -- or any other paper, for that matter -- is worth the money. There are some ways to know when it’s essential, and part of it comes back to your business. If you are a CEO, have a high net-worth, or your company is worth than $1 million, you need this newspaper. If you want to get clued into the thoughts and rationale behind this powerful group of people. And if you want to support high-quality, accurate reporting, then this is another reason to consider subscribing.

The Wall Street Journal stays an American tradition, and it’s available when you travel, thanks to its easy digital format. Casual browsers, travelers, and businesspeople on the go definitely benefit from this option, so why not take a look? It’s time to turn to Promocodes.com to help you save.