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Tired of lugging around your textbooks? Try an eTextbook from VitalSource. VitalSource has a large selection of over 5,000 titles in many disciplines for both students and instructors. eTextbooks save trees and money—over $50 per book—and are instantly accessible through download.'s eTextbooks are perfect for students who want lighter backpacks, lower schooling costs, and reduced environmental impact. VitalSource is the answer to the needs of students and educators for access to study materials and analytic tools. Gone are the days when one had to purchase a printed hardcopy textbook to access information. Thanks to innovative sources like VitalSource, Students no longer need to fork out large amounts of money to get much needed learning materials. VitalSource has created a platform where one can get access to e-books to allow students an insight at an affordable price with Inclusive Access. With the resources they have to offer, you’ll get an improved learning experience. They have a worldwide reach through the online platform and strategic partnerships to help them give their students the best learning experience. You can access your digital materials anytime, anywhere as VitalSource allows you to download for offline use. You can make notes, highlight, and access your resources across multiple devices for a seamless, effective learning process. They also help you remember what you study through VitalSource flashcards and a unique review mode. Get thousands of eTextbooks on any subject from business & economics, mathematics, science and history to religion, sports, music, photography and art. VitalSource offers a learning center where you can find all kinds of resources like research papers, case studies, reports and white papers from learners and educators with insightful information. You can buy the VitalSource eBooks in bulk for additional savings on your educational materials. Get VitalSource coupon code from so you can buy all your eTextbooks at a great bargain.

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VitalSource Coupons and Deals

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VitalSource Coupons

VitalSource is an online e-textbook platform which provides access to a digital, deeper learning experience. You can learn better with VitalSource and access advanced digital content through interactive study and analytical tools and insights that cannot be achieved with print textbooks. Inclusive Access allows VitalSource to provide affordable digital textbooks and other study materials to students on or before the first day of classes. Publishers and content creators can add existing content and make new content on the platform dedicated to the digital learning experience.

Browse through millions of eTextbooks from VitalSource in the featured subjects section. There you can find thousands of eTextbooks under each subject, ranging from business & economics, mathematics, science, psychology, education, poetry, computers, cooking, design, music and a lot more. Whatever subject you want to study, you can shop for eTextbooks using a VitalSource discount code to save money.

One great feature you should definitely explore is the VitalSource Bookshelf. When you sign up for this feature, you’ll be able to keep and access all your e-Textbooks with the simple touch of a button. VitalSource allows you to download your titles anytime, anywhere for access when you need them. You can make notes and highlight key points on your VitalSource resources using color coding. The flashcards feature helps trigger your memory and you can also take advantage of the targeted reviews of all your course content on VitalSource. Sync your notes across all your devices to enjoy easy access and make your study process easier. VitalSource has a read aloud function so you can rest your eyes and listen instead. Your library allows you to look up terms to get definitions and Wikipedia pages for more information. Buying an eBook on VitalSource is easy. Simply search for the one you wish to purchase using the ISBN or title, add to your cart, and proceeed to checkout. Make sure you enter a VitalSource coupon code so you can get a discount off your eBook purchase.

Digital textbooks offer a seamless experience so you can access your entire library with the click of a button. Thanks to VitalSource discounts up to 80% compared to hardcopy, you can get your digital textbooks at affordable prices. This way you’ll save money and spare yourself the trouble of lugging heavy books around since they’ll be safely stored on a device of your choice. The digital learning experience allows you to take notes, highlight, reference, and access these with ease assisting you to learn faster and better. Make the switch to digital learning today and save with VitalSource promo codes from

Learn in an interactive way through the VitalSource learning center and say goodbye to outdated methods of education. Insightful case studies, white papers, infographics, reports, research articles and other informative pieces are just a few clicks away on the learning center. The pieces are written by students, teachers, and professors at several levels of education which provide insight and relatable learning experiences. Both students and educators can find material to learn from and help them teach better on VitalSource. Enjoy access to invaluable resources from academic authors at a low price with a VitalSource discount code.

VitalSource Return Policy

If you need to make a return, VitalSource is happy to assist. You can request a refund by clicking on the Request Refund button below your recent order details page or contact the VitalSource support for assistance. Most eBooks can be returned within 14 calendar days from the date of purchase, if you have not viewed or printed more than 20% of the eBook or used any of the included access codes for any online resource that came with it. You must also not have returned the same eBook before in a prior purchase or have returned 3 or more eTextbooks in total within the past 90 days across any of your VitalSource accounts. Certain titles are not eligible for return. You can check the VitalSource return page for the full list.

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