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Moving is hard. Not just because there’s so much to do, like packing up your stuff and making arrangements for it to get to your new location, but also because of the emotional toll associated with the change. U-Pack makes the process easier so you have a little less emotional strain to deal with. As experts in the moving business, U-Pack has lots of solutions to every kind of moving problem. Whether you’re a student moving away for college or you’re moving your family into a different home, U-Pack has a solution that works for you. Instead of charging you by weight, U-Pack considers space so your payments will be made according to whether you’re packing up a 1 bedroom apartment or a 5-bedroomed house, or whatever space you’re living in and moving into. They’ll provide moving equipment for you to load your stuff into over a period that depends on your parking arrangements (hours or up to 3 days). In case you’re done, they’ll drive your stuff to your new location and leave it there for you to unload. Everything is simple, straightforward, and most importantly, affordable with U-Pack deals. That way you can focus on other aspects of your move and not stress out over the actual moving. At Promocodes.com, we provide U-Pack coupons and promo codes you can use to get a discount on orders of packing supplies and moving reservations so your move will be more affordable.

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U-Pack Moving Coupons and Deals

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U-Pack Moving Coupons

Since it was created in 1997, U-Pack has been making moving easier for people so they can handle the change that comes with switching to a different location better. With so many years of experience, U-Pack can handle any kind of moving scenario and make it easier for you to take the things you hold dear along with you. If you have any questions, you can contact them and they’ll gladly answer them and put your mind at ease or you can check for the many articles they have across various topics. In addition to making the moving process hassle-free, this company also makes it an affordable endeavor through U-Pack deals so you have one less thing to worry about.

You can get a free Moving Quote by entering where you’re moving from, your destination, time-frame, and the size (1 room, 4 bedroom home etc), then click “Get Quote.” If you’re happy with the price quoted, you can go ahead and request U-Pack’s services. How U-Pack works is quite simple. You can either pack your stuff on your own or hire help if you feel like it’ll be too overwhelming. There are moving boxes, kits, and other supplies for sale on the U-Pack website to pack your stuff into. U-Pack will bring the moving equipment you choose from the options ReloCube or Moving Trailer, depending on how much stuff you want to move. You’ll be given up to 3 days to load so you have enough time to make sure everything you’re moving is carefully packed and loaded. Once you’re done, U-Pack drives your stuff to your new place. You’ll have up to 3 days again to unload everything. It’s as easy as that and more affordable when you redeem U-Pack coupon codes from Promocodes.com to get a discount on your order.

U-Pack is available 24/7 to provide quotes and take reservations. If you want to see if your locations are covered before you make a reservation, you can enter your city, state, or zip on the Coverage Area page and click Find a Location. U-Pack also has different delivery options for their moving equipment so you can choose the one that best suits your location and situation. Door-to-Door delivery includes delivery of the moving equipment to your door for you to load and to your new location for unloading. You’ll need to secure parking before moving day for this option. If you don’t have overnight parking in your location, you can get same day drop off and pick up or live load/unload.

For same day drop off, U-Pack delivers the moving equipment and picks it up later on the same day. Live load/unload means the driver will stay with the truck while you load or unload (typically 1 to 4 hours, depending on your location). If your location doesn’t allow parking moving equipment at all, you can opt for Service Center Delivery. U-Pack will deliver to a local service center instead. That involves making a reservation with U-Pack then calling the local service center at least a day before to inform them when you’ll bring your stuff there. You can take your stuff to the service center in your own vehicle or a rental truck and load or unload it there. There are other delivery options available at affordable prices, thanks to U-Pack deals. You can contact them if you need help with special moving circumstances.

You can find out more about the services on offer through the Moving Services section. It has sections for military, student, cross country, and senior moving, as well as smaller moves and job relocation. There’s also a Moving Resources section with over 150 articles covering various topics like packing advice, and helpful documents and tools such as a moving checklist, space estimators, and the Do Not Ship List.

U-Pack Shipping Policy

U-Pack offers free shipping right to your door on their moving boxes, kits and supplies like bubble wrap and packing tape.

U-Pack Return Policy

You can cancel orders if you send the request to do so by 4p.m. EST on the day the order is scheduled to ship. For returns, you can send back items as long as they’re unopened and in original packaging within 14 days of delivery. You’ll get a full refund, minus $5 per package restocking fee.

U-Pack Saving Tips

Use the U-Pack coupon codes and promo codes available on our site to get a discount on your orders of moving supplies or your reservation. Minimum order requirements may apply.