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With water ionization system that have been helping people for more than 15 years, Tyent USA keeps working on research and development to provide you with the finest water ionization systems in the world. The ISO approved factory follows strict quality control standards and every machine is tested by hand before it leaves the factory. Visit to explore the products that promote health, vitality, and wellness! You’ve heard of the benefits of drinking enough water everyday, but did you know there’s something even better? Thanks to Tyent USA, you can stay hydrated and healthy, no matter the source of your water. The company specializes in designing products that help you get ionized water in the comfort of your home and enjoy it even while you’re away. You can get water ionized units or filters for your home and titanium or stainless steel drinkware in a variety of colors. If you’re new to the world of alkaline ionized water, Tyent USA has plenty of resources and testimonials to help you understand everything better. That, coupled with the amazing Tyent USA deals you’ll find on the website are just two reasons why you should choose this brand for your journey to a healthier life. Besides making your drinking water safer and healthier, Tyent USA offers other products like LUX filters to remove harmful contaminants from your shower water so you can have a truly clean and refreshing shower every time. To encourage you to live a healthier life without worrying about your finances, Tyent USA has several financing offers through different financing partners. The financing offers allow you to pay for your purchase in low installments on a monthly basis, with no interest fees charged. If you don’t qualify for these offers, you can still save by pasting in a Tyent USA promo code from on the checkout page.

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Tyent USA Coupons and Deals

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Tyent USA Coupons

After some time researching alkaline water and its benefits in helping people quit smoking and lose weight, Joe Boccuti started looking into the effect of alkaline ionized water on people’s health. Eventually, he designed the best ionizer for water sources all around the USA with the help of a group made up of engineers, water experts, and scientists. That first custom-built ionizer was the start of the Tyent USA brand. You can enjoy the health benefits of alkaline ionized water with this simple gadget at an affordable price, thanks to Tyent USA’s deals.

Every product available at Tyent USA is designed to help you stay healthy and hydrated. The main product categories you’ll find on the website are Counter Top, Hybrid, and Under Counter water ionizers, as well as filters, travel products, and accessories for your home. You can shop through any of these categories by clicking on Shop All for each particular one to see all the available models so you can pick one that’s best for you. While you’re picking, keep in mind that you can use Tyent USA coupons from to get a discount on your order, so price doesn’t have to limit you from getting what you want.

Before you buy any of these groundbreaking water ionization gadgets, you can check out the benefits page to understand the health benefits of alkaline water and why you should choose Tyent USA to help you get healthier. The blog also has some insightful posts, from health benefits of drinking enough water to positive reviews of alkaline water by professional athletes. While you’re at it, you can also check on written, audio, and video water ionizer testimonials under the reviews section to hear what others say about Tyent USA’s products. If you like what you see, you can order an ionizer or other products from the site by adding them to your cart. On the checkout page, make sure you redeem a Tyent USA discount code so you can save on your way to a healthier life. To help you understand alkaline water and water ionizers, Tyent USA has a very comprehensive faqs section with the most common questions they get on their products and the benefits. You can also check Tyent certifications on this page as assurance that they’re fully qualified to help you take your health to a higher level.

Tyent USA has financing offers you can apply for to make paying for your order easier. You can check which offers you’re pre-approved for and take advantage of any available Tyent USA deals for financing offers. With these offers, you can pay for your products in easy, monthly installments that are interest-free and easily manageable. To see the financing offers you can qualify for, you only need to fill in the form on the website and specify the Tyent USA water ionizer you want to finance.

Tyent USA Shipping Policy

Shipping costs are calculated on the checkout page according to your destination. To get a quote, you’ll need to specify your country, state/province, and zip or postal code. If you find a Tyent USA promo code for free shipping, you can enter it in the specified box on the checkout page to qualify. This offer is subject to the retailer’s terms and conditions with regards to minimum purchase amounts that qualify you for the offer.

Tyent USA Return Policy

All Tyent USA products have a Platinum Lifetime Warranty on parts and service. According to the terms of the guarantee, if you have any problem with your products, the company will fix it or replace the unit at no additional cost to you. Intentional or accidental breakage is not covered under the warranty. You have 75 days to use and enjoy the benefits of your water ionizers. If you’re not happy with it, you can return it within that trial period for a refund, minus shipping costs and a 15% restocking fee. This 75-day trial is only available for water ionizer units.

Tyent USA Saving Tips

Before you buy anything, make sure you browse all available products in the category you’re shopping in. You might find some at Tyent USA discounts which you’ll only see on the individual product details. You can also sign up for the newsletter to get updates on the latest deals and more great content from Tyent USA.