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See the world in style with Trafalgar tours and travel destinations. With Trafalgar, you can organize your itinerary for your next holiday without any complications. Trafalgar is the world’s most awarded travel brand with a mission of fulfilling your dreams of travelling and adventure. The qualified expert team from Trafalgar crafts each individual itinerary, allowing you to explore a wide range of destinations around the world minus the stress of planning. 74 years of experience with feedback from 5 million happy guests has established Trafalgar as the best in travel partners, creating the most satisfying holiday experiences. There are a variety of travel options for sightseeing, safari and, family tours, group travel, sailing & cruise, as well as national park packages to help you unwind and refresh while surrounded by nature. Enjoy winter vacations as well as Christmas and other holiday trips at exciting destinations with a Trafalgar Travel Director there to guide you everyday of your trip. There are over 300 handcrafted trips to select destinations on seven continents from Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, North America, Africa, Asia, as well as Australia, and New Zealand. Trafalgar has a network of Local Specialists and hosts to help you in touring and interacting with the locals of each destination. Besides this, it goes beyond travel with initiatives to make a difference through assisting the preservation of places, wildlife, and our planet as a whole. Use a Trafalgar coupon from Promocodes.com to book your trip and save money so you can get some cool souvenirs to use to remember your trip.

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TRAFALGAR Coupons and Deals

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Trafalgar Coupons

Trafalgar is a travel and tour company which crafts travel itineraries for a wide variety of destinations around the world. Founded in 1947, Trafalgar has established itself as the leaders in giving people the perfect holidays to form real connections with the places they visit. No need to worry about planning your holiday with bookings, travel plans and everything in between, Trafalgar does all that for you. With their curated selection of destinations across seven continents, you’ll have a chance to experience the world and make memories to last you a lifetime. See the world and experience its wonders at affordable prices, thanks to Trafalgar deals and promotions.

Get a close-up view of all the great sights in the world you have always wanted to see with Trafalgar sightseeing tours. Trafalgar will take you to the best tourist attractions in the world and guide you through the trip to uncover local secrets with local tour guides helping you every step of the way. Walk on the Great Wall of China, marvel at the Great Pyramids of Giza, walk in historic centres in Rome, and see all the seven wonders of the world. Trafalgar also offers group travel tours to help you save on the award-winning trips available which you can enjoy with family or friends. There are multiple destinations you can see with your friends and family on one epic trip from the group travel plans, plus you won’t have to spend too much money since Promocodes.com has your back with Trafalgar coupons, offering you a discount.

Unwind for a couple of days with the Trafalgar short breaks comprised of trips of less than 10 days. You can tour some of the world’s best cities and get a breath of fresh air in a short trip guaranteed to last a lifetime in your memories. Allow Trafalgar to take you to the top food destinations of the world, or to interact with local families in unique communities at an affordable price. Got a little bit more time to go on a trip? Take a cruise vacation. The Sail & Cruise vacations on offer take you cruising though the Mediterranean or on epic voyages to Alaska or Antarctica. Cruise through rivers in Europe or Asia or sun bathe across the sparkling seas at the lowest cost with a Trafalgar coupon code you can use for a discount.

Trafalgar offers Solo and family trips you can enjoy with like-minded people. Go it alone and find yourself on a soul-searching trip with the Solo vacations from Trafalgar. Enjoy meeting new people and share experiences while exploring the greatest sights the world has to offer. If solo’s not your thing, you can enjoy a holiday with those you cherish the most with the family tours from Trafalgar. These unique made-for-family trips will take you to relaxing spots around the world where you can connect and where every member of the family will enjoy. Trafalgar also offers getaways for Christmas and other calendar holidays. Enjoy your favorite special time of the year in unique spots around the world at a discounted cost by using Trafalgar promo codes to book your trip.

Experience nature with a trip to National Parks and Safari Tours where you can partake in fun activities like hiking, flying, cruising, and even stargazing. There are some of the best national parks in the world to get a bird’s eye view on the wild plains and animals in the great outdoors. Take a Safari Tour in the African wild or in the Indian jungle to see wildlife in its natural habitats and make memories you can treasure forever. The tours also include some fascinating sights like the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe or Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Step into the wild to unwind with a Trafalgar discount code, allowing you to save and forget about money worries.

Trafalgar Return Policy

Cancellations can be made at any time through a written notice by the person who made the booking. If the cancellation is made more than 45/90 days before the guided holiday departure, the initial deposit will be retained along with a cancellation fee waiver payment. Trafalgar will charge a fee of $35 or more per person in addition to any further incurred costs for any alteration or changes to a booking once it has been confirmed.

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