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Currently operating in over 80 distribution centers in nearly 40 U.S. states, Tire Buyer boasts over 7 million products that are simply waiting to improve your automotive experience. Offering state-of-the-art vehicle, wheel, and modeling capability, Tire Buyer is dedicated to getting you on the go fast. The representatives at Tire Buyer are confident that they can offer you the best combination of competitive pricing, delivery speed, and customer service available. If buying tires or wheels for your vehicle is something you dread, then you haven’t had the TireBuyer experience. TireBuyer is an online retailer with millions of tires in stock, plus years of experience, guaranteeing that you’ll get the perfect match every time. Besides providing a wide range to cater to various vehicles, TireBuyer makes the whole buying process easier. If you’re not sure which tires you need, the experts over at TireBuyer will pick for you, based on the information you provide about your vehicle. You can also get some insight into the selection process from the Education page with lots of tips, tricks, and information on choosing the best tires, among other things. There are also the options to shop by performance, season, vehicle, size, and brand. The tire brands available in stock include names you know and trust such as BF Goodrich, Michelin, Ironman, and General Tires. Thanks to TireBuyer’s extensive range and speedy delivery, you’re guaranteed to get reliable tires at a good price, as quick as possible. Over 9,000 installers are listed on the website so you can choose one that’s close to you where your tires will be delivered by TireBuyer and then installed by a professional. Deliveries are free of charge and usually done on the same day you place your order or the next day, making the process faster and more affordable since that’s one less charge to worry about. So, if you’re ready for a tire buying experience with a difference, order from this retailer and use TireBuyer discount codes from to save.

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TireBuyer started selling tires online in 2009, although the company has been in the business of tire distribution from the year 1935. Through more than 80 years of experience, TireBuyer has changed the way people buy tires, making the process quicker, easier, and more efficient. Above all, the company offers a massive collection of brand-name tires at a good price, thanks to TireBuyer deals.

The way TireBuyer works makes it easy for anyone to buy tires and wheels, even if they’re not experts on things concerning cars. The first step is finding the right tire, which TireBuyer basically does for you after you enter your vehicle’s make, model, and style. Next, you’ll choose a season like Winter or Summer, or opt for All-Season tires so you can ensure that you get the best wheels for whatever weather you’ll be driving through. When you pay for your order, make sure you use TireBuyer coupons to get a discount on your purchase. After that, you’ll choose a local installer from the thousands that make up TireBuyer’s network and your tires will be delivered there for free. All that’s left is setting up an appointment to get the tires installed, then driving off, stress-free, with your new set when it’s all done.

You can shop for your tires by vehicle, size, brand, or performance—whichever is easier for you. For wheels, there are options to shop by vehicle, brand, or finish. The sections for tires and wheels usually have available TireBuyer deals listed on the main page. That includes discounts and cashback offers. All the details of those deals are given there, along with how long the offer is valid. If you want more deals, you can click on the Deals page which has TireBuyer coupons and rebates that are up for grabs.

Knowing how to choose the right tires isn’t so easy but it’s something you can learn over time. TireBuyer even provides resources under the Education section to help you learn this skill, along with many others. Besides tips on choosing the perfect tires, this Education page has information on installation and maintenance, tire safety, winter tires, product reviews, and a whole lot more. You can check the page before you buy your tires and wheels so you’ll be equipped with the information you need to get your order right every time.

TireBuyer Shipping Policy

Delivery is free on all tires and wheels purchased from TireBuyer. The delivery time varies according to the location of the chosen local installer, but TireBuyer guarantees it will be fast.

TireBuyer Return Policy

You can return most orders free of charge within 45 days after the delivery date. For this offer to apply, the tires must be at the installer’s location from where they’ll be picked up. You can return wheels, winter tires, and motorsport tires if they’re unused or were never mounted. Certain orders can’t be returned and that includes products used off road, those with uneven wear or a difference of 2/32” between the grooves, misused products, or those with any alterations.

TireBuyer Saving Tips

Always check the Deals page for the latest TireBuyer coupons and rebate offers. Those are saving tools that are readily accessible on the website, plus you can check too for TireBuyer discount codes.

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