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Whatever you use on your body also counts towards taking care of it. That’s where The Mad Optimist comes in. This brand offers unique soaps and bodycare products that are designed to give you the best benefits, while stripping away all the awful parts of some traditional soaps like animal fat and the 30-day curing time. In addition to soaps, The Mad Optimist’s bodycare range includes body sprays, bath soaks, and lip balms. To provide a truly unique and personal experience when it comes to caring for your body, The Mad Optimist allows you to build your bodycare product, so you can choose what scent you want and even name it whatever you’d like, and have that printed on the label of your chosen product. The best part is you even have a choice when it comes to how much you’ll pay for the product, thanks to the brand’s sliding scale price model. Through this model, you can move the sliding scale around until it lands on a price you’re happy to pay. Each different product The Mad Optimist offers has a minimum and maximum price, and you can choose those extremes or a price that’s in between. If you pay a little extra, you make it easier for someone who can only pay a little to be able to afford quality bodycare products. There are also some top favorites you can choose from and use The Mad Optimist coupons and promo codes on our site to get them at a discount.

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The Mad Optimist Coupons and Deals

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The Mad Optimist

The Mad Optimist was created by three guys who lived, learnt, and hung out together in Bloomington, Indiana. They were Muslims and vegans and the realization that most traditional soap was made of animal fat pushed them to create their company and make better soap. The Mad Optimist’s soap and bodycare products are vegan, halal, cruelty-free, non-GMO, and gluten-free, plus they cure in just 24 hours as compared to the traditional 30 days. So, not only did the company succeed in making a good, clean soap, it found a way to do so in way less time, giving customers the option to order customized soap. On top of all that, The Mad Optimist deals on unique soap and bodycare products make it possible for more people to afford them.

The Build Your Bodycare feature offers convenience and freedom when it comes to the products you’ll rely on to keep you clean every day. The first step to building is choosing the product you want to customize from the options of soaps, balms, sprays, and bath soaks. Next, you’ll need to select a type, which only applies for soaps as there are different types, including bar, shave, shampoo, and face soaps. You’ll also need to select a scent, of which the different options available are listed by name with a description, so you can get an idea of what it smells like. Depending on the type of product you selected in the beginning, you may need to select some Add Ins as well then you can personalize it by entering a name, which will be printed on the label of your balm, spray, soap, or bath soaks.

Once you’ve got all the personalization features out of the way, you proceed to the Choose Your Price section. This might be the best kind of pricing model in the industry, giving you the option to pay what you can afford for your soap or bodycare product through an unbeatable The Mad Optimist deal. The section has a slider, which you can move around until you get to a price you’re happy with. It’s up to you whether you want to choose the lowest possible amount, the highest, or something in between. If you pay a little more, you’ll be able to offset the cost for those who can only afford to pay a little less so everyone can afford this unique experience and personalized bodycare.

If you’d like to give someone the gift of great bodycare products, you can give them The Mad Optimist gift cards, so they can build their own soap or bodycare. There are different types of gift cards to choose from, also varying by price. You can get the TMO Gift Card worth $16.00, which they can use on anything from The Mad Optimist range or a Soap Club Membership for 1 bar and 1 lip balm, among other options.

The Mad Optimist Shipping Policy

Orders are guaranteed to ship out in 14 days or less at a flat rate shipping fee of $10 for all orders in the U.S.

The Mad Optimist Return Policy

If you have an issue with the product you ordered, you can call The Mad Optimist, and they’ll help in any way they can.

The Mad Optimist Saving Tips

The brand is all about helping you save, hence their sliding scale price model, which enables more people to be able to afford quality bodycare products. If you want to order your custom products in bulk, you can contact the company at or via phone, and you’ll get a bulk order The Mad Optimist discount on orders of 50 or more.