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Teefury features hoodies, toops, tanks, wall arts and limited edition clothing as well as other products. These products feature designs from artists around the world, creating original art, pop culture pieces, retro, nostalgic, and any other pieces imaginable. Visit teefury to create your own art or purchase wearable art! With a promocodes link, you could get an even more than you bargained for!

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TeeFury was developed by a group of artists who enjoyed seeing and promoting unique t shirts that played on pop culture references. To fill this need the site features limited edition t-shirts. These T-shirts are only offered and available to buy for 24 hours, and then they are retired. You are still able to view them, and you may vote to bring them back as well. However, until that is decided, if you like a limited edition shirt, you must take advantage of the 24r hour window! TeeFury caters to independent artists, and is a platform for them to get discovered or share their passion for art and design. The limited edition t-shirts are developed by artists in the community. If an artist is not discovered by TeeFury they my still have their work chosen. Any artist can submit a design for review for the limited edition shirt. The chosen artist is compensated for each sale, and also receives an artist page to explain and showcase their work to everyone within the TeeFury community as well as non-members.

Teefury most often focuses on promoting and accepting art that deals with pop culture through the use of parody, social commentary and satire. However, TeeFury also prefers and supports original art, which includes such things as animal shirts, nostalgia, and retro offerings among quite a few other categories. Aside from limited edition T-shirts the website does carry other types of clothing. Other clothing offerings include leggings, sweatshirts, sweaters, hoodies, pins, posters and more, some of which are also limited edition.

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