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You learn something new everyday, and with Teachable, you can share what you learn and make money out of it. Teachable is a leading platform of online courses on various subject matters, ranging from physics to yoga. Through Teachable, you can customize your online course and create multimedia lectures consisting of video, image, text, and audio so your audience will be easily captivated by what you have to say. If you have an existing website that complements your online course, Teachable allows you to integrate it or create new pages easily and quickly. Thanks to Teachable’s website, your courses will be accessible to students using computers, tablets, or smartphones. That way, you can reach more people on whatever device is convenient for them. Teachable comes with a host of learning tools that make the learning experience fully interactive and engaging, such as quizzes which you can easily create to help your students grasp important aspects of your course; and discussions so your students can converse through the comments feature and share opinions about the subject matter. Besides giving you a platform to share your passion with others, Teachable provides great marketing tools to help you grow your audience and reach more students. From Teachable coupons and promotions to encourage more people to sign up for your course, to a financing feature that allows you to take over 130 international currencies so anyone, anywhere can join your classes without the currency barrier. All you need is a profitable course idea, a helping hand from the Teachable resources available online, and a Teachable subscription plan, and you’ll be all set to start your online school. You can get a Teachable coupon from Promocodes.com to get a discount off your subscription, and you can also try out the free plan to give Teachable a test run before you commit to a Basic, Professional, or Business plan.

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teachable Coupons and Deals

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Teachable started out as a simply designed website without a name, until it was called Fedora. As time went by, more people joined, invested in, and supported the creators of Fedora until it grew into a large platform that was eventually re-designed and renamed to Teachable. This platform was built on the principle of helping all kinds of teachers to make a living from teaching what they love online. Since it was founded, Teachable has continued to grow and now has over 18 million students, above 68,000 instructors, and more than 186,000 active courses. This vast number of courses covers everything, from the most basic ones like quantum physics and learning how to knit, to the more unique ones like interpretative dance. As long as you’ve got something that someone could learn from you, it’s teachable, and Teachable is the number one place to share your knowledge. Make sure you get a Teachable promo code from Promocodes.com to get a discount off your subscription.

It’s often said that knowledge is power, and those who share it help to create a better world. Whether you’re good at coding, or you’re a makeup genius, or even have excellent insight into entrepreneurship; your skills are vital and there’s probably someone or several people out there looking to learn those skills. If you’d like to share the knowledge you posses (and get paid for it), you can do so with Teachable, in a few easy steps. First you create, then you share your content and along the way, you’ll learn how to engage your students and build your audience, and so much more. So while you’re teaching, you’re learning something new too. Teachable is home to several different course creators including Creators who build a business from doing what they love like scrapbooking and cake-making, YouTubers who provide premium content across different topics like physics and card tricks, Niche Experts who share their expertise on fields like blacksmithing and digital marketing, and Authors who share insight on turning a passion into business. Teachable even has Market Places where you can bring teachers together and pay them a revenue share on their courses. Businesses can also use Teachable to provide value to customers, train employees, or sell courses to the general public.

Teachable has exciting tools and features that help you create and sell your courses such as customization, learning tools, marketing, analytics, and hosting and security tools. You’ll get access to unlimited courses and students via 3 subscription plans which are Basic, Professional, and Business Plan. With the Basic plan you can create your first online course for only $29 per month. The Basic plan includes features like 5% transaction fees, instant payouts, 2 admin-level users, product support, course creator training, Teachable coupon codes, and third-party integration. The Professional plan is the most popular at $79 per month. With the Professional plan you get better features and advantages like no transaction fees, instant payouts, priority product support, graded quizzes, advanced theme customization, course completion certificates, and advanced reports. The best Teachable plan is the Business Plan which costs $399 per month. With this plan, you can enjoy all the benefits of the Professional plan, plus 100 admin-level users, manual student imports, bulk student enrollments, and custom user roles. With all plans, you get unlimited video, courses, students, and hosting; plus student management, lecture comments, basic quizzes, and zero fees on free courses. Teachable also offers a free plan so you can try it out and see if it’s a good fit for you before you pay for a subscription.

You can cancel your Teachable plan at any time and you won’t lose any of your content and information. Teachable allows you to download your course, student, and revenue information in case you want to build your own website or use another service so that you won’t have to start everything from scratch. Thanks to Teachable resources and tools, you’ll be able to easily create and teach your courses online, market it so you can reach a larger number of learners interested in what you have to teach, and create a unique school with your own branding—even without any coding skills. Follow Teachable on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube for guides and tips on creating an online course.

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