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TaxAct is a leading provider of online tax services whose sole goal is to help you save money on your taxes. Taxes can be confusing, sometimes it’s hard to tell whether you’re saving as much money as you really ought to be when you fill out your state and federal tax forms. TaxAct wants to make things easier by providing advice along with an easy-to-use platform with which consumers can fill out their taxes quickly. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself at!

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TaxAct Coupons and Deals

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Choose Quick, Reliable Online Tax Filing Software from TaxAct

Taxes can be overwhelming; there are so many forms and boxes to fill out, and it’s hard to get straight answers to questions sometimes. At TaxAct, they make it easy and stress-free to file your taxes and get the maximum refund. Whether you just don’t feel like filing yourself this year or have never done it before and are lost, TaxAct can help you navigate through the process and get you the biggest refund without charging you a premium price. TaxAct is there to save you the headaches and save you money.

TaxAct enables individuals to file their taxes accurately and quickly. The company provides online tax filing software designed to help end users get the maximum refund. Plus, TaxAct software is backed by an accuracy guarantee and boasts security safeguards and other great features.

Whether you’re filing for yourself, for your small business, or for clients of your own, TaxAct has all the IRS-approved forms and advice you need to file quickly and correctly, and get the biggest refund possible. With professional staff and tax experts on hand all the time, TaxAct has the resources you need to make filing your taxes as easy and painless as possible.

Several TaxAct software options are available. For those who only need to file a simple federal or state tax return, TaxAct offers a free option. Meanwhile, other TaxAct options include Basic, Plus and Premium solutions, and the prices of these solutions range from $14.95 to $69.95. Regardless of which TaxAct option that an individual selects, he or she won't have to break the bank to use fast, efficient tax software.

In addition, a $100,000 accuracy guarantee separates Tax Act from other tax software options. TaxAct promises every calculation in a tax return is accurate to ensure each user can maximize his or her refund. If not, TaxAct will refund all software costs and pay the difference in a user's lower refund or higher tax liability, as well as any legal or audit costs that total up to $100,000.

The cost savings provided by Tax Act can be substantial too. TaxAct offers a wide range of coupons and promo codes to ensure individuals can save big on its tax software.

Lastly, TaxAct provides amazing customer support. The company provides convenient access to tax experts who can offer guidance at any time. That way, if an individual is unsure about how to optimize his or her tax return, TaxAct can provide this individual with plenty of support.

Last-Minute Tax Deals for 2014

Last-Minute Tax Deals for 2014

The stigma attached to tax season is more cause to worry than the actual process of filing your return. There are many online tax services that make it beyond simple to e-file, and it costs little to nothing to file for free.