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Join the SmileDirectClub and learn to smile and love it! SmileDirectClub provides the most affordable clear aligners at prices up to 60% lower than braces. Choose a reliable brand that holds 95% of the market share in the doctor-directed-at home clear aligner industry, offering solutions to give you whiter and straighter teeth. In SmartDirectClub’s short history since its launch in 2014, over a million people have seen incredible teeth transformation results by using SmileDirectClub clear aligners. SmileDirectClub makes BPA free clear aligners, which are sent to customers in sets of custom, tight-fitting aligners, which gradually shift your teeth into the desired position in 4 to 6 months. Enjoy the convenience of ordering your product online and have it shipped to you without requiring any office visits. Simply order the safe, easy-to-use impression kit from the comfort of your home to use and send to SmileDirectClub. The dental team then uses it to design with a custom smile plan before your custom aligners are made and sent to you. SmileDirectClub assigns a dentist or orthodontist to check in on you every 90 days to remotely guide your treatment until you get the full results. In addition to the clear aligners, SmileDirectClub also offers retainers for use after completing the treatment, as well as a range of teeth cleaning and whitening products like toothbrushes, toothpaste, and a teeth cleaning machine. Get a brighter, straighter smile at a real bargain with SmileDirectClub coupons from

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Smile Direct Club Coupons and Deals

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SmileDirectClub Coupons

SmileDirect Club provides an affordable, easy-to-use teeth-straightening solution in the form of clear aligners. With one of the founders of SmileDirectClub having experienced a metal-mouthed youth using braces, they sought to come up with a way to enable people to get access to a more affordable and better way to achieve straighter teeth. Teaming up with a venture group, they went on to design affordable clear aligners, a transparent orthrodontic device which allows users to get a discreet treatment for straighter and whiter teeth. Since SmileDirectClub’s founding in 2014, the company has rapidly grown and now has 391 shop locations across the country. Start your alignment treatment today at a saving by applying a SmileDirectClub discount code.

Join over a million satisfied grinners who have achieved straighter and whiter teeth with SmileDirectClub. You can start by clicking the “Am I A Candidate?” button on the home page to get a free 30-second assessment through a questionnaire for SmileDirectClub to determine if there’s a solution for you. After you get a reply in your email, you can either visit a SmileDirectClub shop for an in-person scan or request the home kit to create impressions with guidance from the friendly customer service team. Once you send back the impression kit, a licensed orthodontist or dentist starts to work on designing the custom smile plan for you. SmileDirectClub will share the preview with you before designing custom aligner sets for you to start the treatment. Use a SmileDirectClub coupon to purchase your custom aligners and get a massive discount.

You can have something to smile about in 4 to 6 months using the SmileDirectClub treatment. The premium teeth whitening process doesn’t take that long, though, as results are seen in just a week. SmileDirectClub is there every step of the treatment with a dentist or orthodontist assigned to check on your progress remotely every 90 days. Once your treatment is complete, purchase a set of retainers to wear at night to ensure you maintain the beautiful smile.

Join the club for exclusive member perks at SmileDirectClub that go beyond your aligners. As a club member, you’ll get access to exclusive VIP events, content, SmileDirectClub discounts, offers from its partners and a lot more. Inviting a friend to SmileDirectClub will earn you a $100 Amazon gift card too, while your friend also gets $100 towards the purchase of their clear aligners.

Book a visit to one of the SmileDirectClub SmileShop locations around the United States online to get in-person assessment. SmileDirectClub also works with a network of over 250 duly-licensed dentists and orthodontists to help you with a professional treatment. On your visit to a SmileShop or a SmileDirectClub affiliated and licensed dentist or orthodontist, they will review your medical history and come up with a 3D image of your smile before building a custom smile plan suited to you.

SmileDirectClub Shipping Policy

SmileDirectClub ships orders to addresses anywhere in the United States. Once SmileDirectClub receives your 3D scan or impression kit, the production of your aligners takes time and they typically take 4 to 5 weeks to be shipped to you. The custom retainers usually take less time to prepare and typically take 2 to 3 weeks to get to you.

SmileDirectClub Return Policy

SmileDirectClub will refund the cost of the impression kit in the event that the dentist or orthodontist determines that the clear aligner solution isn’t fit for you. You can also return the unused custom clear aligners within the first 30 days from the date of delivery for any reason and get a refund for the aligners and the impression kit. If the 30-day window has passed and you are not happy with the treatment, SmileDirectClub allows you to return any of the remaining unused aligners at any time during the treatment plan and receive a prorates refund for all unopened and unused aligners and impression kit. You only need to cover the cost of return shipping.

SmileDirectClub Saving Tips

SmileDirectClub values special people with special discounts. In particular, military members, teachers, and students get a special SmileDirectClub discount on their orders for the smile treatment.