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Whether you're looking for a dependable sitter or you're looking for work opportunities, then has a system that works for you. Sitter City focuses on providing care professionals a place to find work and gives everyone else a mean to find them. You'll be able to network with specialized sitters in your area for the jobs that you need done. Listing at SitterCity is accompanied by extensive screening processes, so you can be at ease with quality care that you can trust. A lot of parents know the struggles of getting good childcare and keeping everything balanced, from scheduling to paying for sitter services. Sittercity understands this struggle and designed a tech-based method to make it so much easier. The online platform connects families with babysitters, nannies, petsitters, and special care providers. These extensive options available allow the service to cater to the different needs that families may have, whether it’s childcare for the kids, a nanny to stay with the family part time or all the time, or special care providers to take care of senior members or those who need special attention because of medical conditions. To ensure the safety of the procedure, Sittercity has a lot of safety measures, including scam prevention, family watchdog screening, sitter ID authentication, and even consistent monitoring of content on the website. Such measures give you peace of mind so you’ll know you’re hiring a sitter you can trust or working with a proper family. There are also reviews on the site from other families who’ve used the service to hire sitters. These also give you an idea of what you can expect when you sign up to the site. Besides a good, reliable network of sitters, Sittercity provides plenty of resources to make childcare easier for both parents and sitters. Thanks to, you can get Sittercity discount codes to get select member plans at a lower price.

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Sittercity Coupons and Deals

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Sittercity Coupons

Founded in 2001, Sittercity was the first company to provide tech-enabled child care. The company’s mission has always been to make childcare a lot less of a struggle, connecting parents to sitters. The technology pioneered by Sittercity simplifies the process for parents looking for sitters by matching skills and schedules of potential sitters with what the parents need. All this ease and improved childcare comes at affordable prices, thanks to Sittercity deals and the excellent service the company provides.

As parents themselves, the team at Sittercity understands the struggle of getting a good sitter you can rely on. To search for a sitter, you have to create an account on the website so you can post a job. Job posting is completely free and you can provide details about what you need, so the right sitters can find you. In as little as 2 hours, sitters can start applying for your job and you can look through the applications to shortlist the best matching candidates. After that, you can message them and start doing interviews to select the successful candidates. There are also background check options so you can be assured that you’re leaving your kids in the hands of someone you can trust.

Sittercity also has plenty of resources for parents like parenting tips for managing child care after a divorce, as well as health and wellness tips and guides. Sittercity simplifies childcare and helps you save on that simplified childcare with Sittercity coupons and promo codes you can use on select plans. Whether you need babysitters to cover you during a last minute appointment, a live-in nanny, or specialty care for your pets or a senior member in the family, Sittercity’s got all that covered.

Besides helping parents find good childcare, Sittercity also helps sitters, nannies, and special care providers meet families they can work with. If you’re a sitter, you can create an account by providing your first and last name, as well as your contact details, date of birth, and what kind of care provider you’re signing up as, for example babysitter or nanny. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to start applying for jobs posted through the website. You may need to go through a background check so the company can ensure that you qualify to be around kids, seniors, or pets.

Sittercity also provides advice for sitters from other sitters about setting pay rates, how to do virtual sitting, and even recommendations of activities you can do while sitting virtually. These resources are completely free and available in the blog on the website.

With the Sittercity mobile app, parents can post jobs and sitters can apply right from the phone. The app connects parents and sitters near each other who are part of the Sittercity community. You can sign up to find childcare or to be a sitter for free from your phone and get instant notifications of applications and interview requests. The app is focused on the childcare service from the website. For everything else, you’ll have to go the website.

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Make sure you sign up for an account to be able to use the Sittercity services in full. You can get Sittercity coupon codes from to get a good bargain on select plans offered.