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Make shipping of products to your customers easy using ShippingEasy. This cloud-based shipping solution allows online sellers to send products to their customers at the cheapest USPS rates, while also allowing plug-in to existing UPS/FedEx accounts. ShippingEasy has designed software to integrate with all the leading marketplaces, shopping carts, and ecommerce platforms for efficient order fulfillment. It also allows population of tracking data in real time across all systems for easy customer and seller access. Once integrated, the ShippingEasy software proceeds to download orders from all selling channels and automatically maps custom shipping preferences, rates, and delivery options across all major carriers across the U.S. and internationally. Shipping labels and branded packing slips can easily be printed without requiring the user to export data or cut-and-paste information into other applications. Unlike built-in shipping software, ShippingEasy allows you to save valuable data every time you ship, which can be useful in creating powerful marketing campaigns and also enable inventory automation. Choose ShippingEasy to help you fulfill your orders in a simple way to save time and money on shipping while reducing postal errors. ShippingEasy also provides email marketing, campaign management, feedback requests, and interactive metric services to help grow your business. Save by applying a ShippingEasy promo code when you subscribe to a plan and enjoy easy shipping for less.

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ShippingEasy Coupons and Deals

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ShippingEasy Coupons

ShippingEasy is a cloud-based platform designed to enable e-commerce businesses to access and print discounted shipping labels for faster order processing. The solutions provided by ShippingEasy help online sellers manage their inventory and also create custom email marketing campaigns and manage them. ShippingEasy, based in Austin, Texas, was founded in 2011 with the goal of helping individuals and small businesses send packages to domestic and international customers, using leading courier companies without needing complex contracts and paperwork. Get a ShippingEasy discount code to save on the convenient shipping solutions the company offers.

Start selling smarter by choosing ShippingEasy to help you deliver your goods at affordable prices. You can view all the incredible features of the services along with pricing options and integrations on Each plan has detailed features shown for you to make an easy decision on what suits your needs and budget. You can also get a list of resources giving you valuable knowledge on shipping options and how to save the most on your shipping. Make selling easy by getting a ShippingEasy plan at a discount through coupons from

ShippingEasy finds you the lowest shipping rates based on size rather than weight of shipment through Commercial Plus Pricing, exclusive rate discounts, and insurance savings. The Commercial Plus Pricing enables customers who ship less than 50,000 per annum to get the lowest prices available. ShippingEasy allows you to easily manage orders, automate shipping with rules, setup packing with packing slips, track shipments, and send notifications to the recipients, all on one platform. You can also utilize advanced reporting to customize reports and even facilitate returns in a simple way for you and your customers.

Start the ShippingEasy free trial and you are guaranteed to upgrade to the next level. The ShippingEasy free trial allows you to make 50 shipments in a month at the lowest available USPS rates. Once you see how ShippingEasy can help your business, you can upgrade to the basic plan to ship up to 500 shipments monthly with all available carriers included, or you can choose the Plus plan allowing up to 1,500 monthly shipments while also giving you the lowest available USPS cubic discounts. ShippingEasy also offers a Select plan, which you can use to ship up to 3000 monthly shipments, and the Premium plan to help you ship a maximum of 6000 items monthly. Choose a subscription plan that suits your budget and needs and save on that by applying a ShippingEasy promo code at checkout.

ShippingEasy does more than just shipping as it also offers an email marketing solution to leverage your business’ order and customer data. This will help you build, send, and analyze campaigns through professionally designed templates using automation with built-in triggers. Each ShippingEasy pricing plan comes with select features of the email marketing solution to help you use the shipping data to grow your business. You can send emails to unlimited contacts, lists, and audiences using hyper-targeted segmentation. The ShippingEasy email marketing allows easy design using a drag-and-drop editor to help you make unique campaigns in an easy way.

ShippingEasy Return Policy

The ShippingEasy platform allows for easy cancellation of orders in the event that you make an error or the customer has changed their minds. You can get easy to follow guides in the ShippingEasy support on how to go about making the cancellations.

ShippingEasy Saving Tips

You can try the free 30-day trial for the ShippingEasy plans before committing money to it so you can see if it works for you. You’re free to cancel anytime and no credit card is required. Thanks to this ShippingEasy deal, you won’t waste money on something you might not like.