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With Passport processing times increasing and requests for service at an all time high, passport agencies nationwide have their hands full! provides the fastest service. Rush My Passport, by Expedited Travel, can process a persons passport in as little as two days! For this exact reason, has received acclaim from Forbes, Yahoo and other Big names. Expedited Passports by! Expedite the delivery of your U.S. passport by letting the experts in the field handle the submission of documents for you. RushMyPassport aims to eliminate the time and hassle involved in getting a new passport in the United States. Delivering your passport in a quick and easy way through their registered couriers available nationwide in as little as 24 hours has made RushMyPassport the number one most trusted U.S. passport courier service online. Whether you need a new passport, a renewal, replacement, name change, or a second passport, RushMyPassport provides a convenient service to save you a trip to the passport office and time. You can also apply for a passport for a minor below the age of 18 through the RushMyPassport convenient platform. All you need is to prepare your application, photo, and supporting documents to send to RushMyPassport before they hand-carry your documents to the Passport Agency for processing and send your passport back to you. You can choose from different shipping options depending on the urgency you require the passport. The processing typically takes between 1 to 12 days. The RushMyPassport website guides you through the process with information on all the documents you need to apply for your passport, while also allowing you to track your passport order. You’ll also have access to a reliable customer service for assistance by phone, web chat, and email to ensure a smooth passport application. will help you save on the cost of the service by providing a RushMyPassport coupon you can apply on your payment.

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Rush My Passport Coupons and Deals

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Rush My Passport Coupons

Rush My Passport provides an expedited passport courier service to help you save time and trips to the passport office. The service allows you to send your passport application documents via mail and have it processed before the passport is sent back to you. RushMyPassport is owned by Expedited Travel, LLC, a company founded in 2007 to offer customers a one-stop location for time-sensitive and mission-critical documents for travel. Expedited Travel is a private company based in West Palm Beach, Florida and is registered with U.S. Passport Agencies. Through Rush My Passport, these agencies have consistently delivered faster passports and a reliable customer service. This has helped establish as the number one most trusted online U.S. passport courier service.

Get your U.S. passport faster than you would with the Post Office, while also saving yourself trips to the Passport Office on Rush My Passport. The website has been designed for easy navigation through convenient drop down menus for the services offered and a help center to assist you through the process so you can understand how it works. Simply select the service you need on the home menu and get started on the easy, guided process. Remember to apply a Rush My Passport coupon code when you make your payment to get a discount on the service.

Rush My Passport offers assistance with getting a new passport, renewal, replacement for a lost, stolen, or damaged passport for yourself or a child passport for a minor. You can also get assistance on getting a second passport or a name change. Once you place an order for the service, Rush My Passport sends you an email with a checklist of documentation required to apply for the type of passport you need. After preparing your documentation and photo, you can ship them to Rush My Passport using the shipping label provided in the email. Upon receipt of the documents, Rush My Passport uses its network of registered couriers to submit them to the passport office in as fast as 24 hours and then send you the passport after it has been processed. For a discount on this fast, efficient service, you can apply Rush My Passport discount codes to your order.

Rush My Passport strives to provide excellent customer service through a national team of U.S. passport and visa specialists available for you to contact via phone, email, or web chat 6 days a week. You can also use the Rush My Passport order tracking system to get updates on what stage your application is at all times. Your passport can be processed and sent back to you in 24 hours if you choose the overnight shipping for the return. Applications may be delayed by circumstances like weather which is beyond the control of Rush My Passport. In some cases, your application can be suspended because of reasons like owing child support, back taxes, travel restrictions due to a felony, or missing identification documents. If this occurs, Rush My Passport will notify you immediately for you to correct the issues.

Rush My Passport Return Policy

You can cancel any order on Rush My Passport within 24 hours or 1 business day to get a full refund as it is not under manifest. To request a refund, you must complete a Refund Request Form (RRF) which you can get by contacting the Rush My Passport billing office. Once you talk to a representative on your order, or the 24-hour period lapses, the order becomes under manifest and a reservation of limited capacity is placed on your behalf. If you make a cancellation any time after 24 hours, your order is under manifest and is not entitled to a refund. However, after you make a cancellation under manifest, your order will remain active for 12 months from the date you placed it and you can have it processed at any time during this period. You can also transfer the service to a friend or family member for them to use.