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RaceChip offers individual performance enhancement for over 3,000 vehicles. As an expert in electronic performance enhancement, RaceChip supplies engine products from approximately 60 manufacturers. RaceChip also works with over 2,000 dealers worldwide and provides promo codes and discounts across its product inventory to help shoppers upgrade their vehicles without breaking their budgets.

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RaceChip Coupons

Transforming an ordinary vehicle into an exceptional one is rarely simple. Fortunately, RaceChip helps car owners improve their vehicles' performance in no time at all.

RaceChip offers electronic performance enhancement products for over 3,000 vehicles. These products come from approximately 60 industry-leading manufacturers and boast amazing quality. This means car owners can use RaceChip products to quickly upgrade their vehicles' performance and reap the benefits of assorted vehicle improvements for an extended period of time.

The RaceChip chip tuning inventory includes products that are proven to perform. For example, RaceChip's GTS chip has been shown to provide up to 30+ HP and up to 20% mpg improvements. RaceChip's RS chip, meanwhile, is a best-seller that features six fine-tuning mappings.

All RaceChip products are affordably priced, making them ideal options for car owners who want to upgrade their vehicles without spending too much. RaceChip often provides promo codes and discounts on various products as well. By doing so, RaceChip helps car owners enjoy extra savings on different products throughout the year.

RaceChip goes above and beyond the call of duty to supports its customers too. The company understands that finding the best chips for a vehicle sometimes is challenging, but it employs friendly, resourceful customer service specialists to help car owners. Therefore, if a car owner wants to upgrade his or her vehicle but has no idea which chip can deliver the best improvements, the RaceChip customer service team is ready to help.