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If riding off into the sunset or the night sounds like the perfect adventure for you, you’ll love Priority Bicycles. This brand is dedicated to making every ride smooth by providing low maintenance, quality bicycles that are designed to let you have fun without any hassle. Whether you’re a biking novice or you ride like a pro, Priority Bicycles has plenty of designs to suit each rider and different terrains. You can find bikes made for recreational riding, others designed for professional racing, some made for the kids, and others designed for night time riding adventures. Whatever your biking needs, Priority Bicycles will take care of hem. Bicycle frames and forks have a 5-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship, which gives you one more thing not to worry about as you ride. When you order your bikes, you can even opt to have them delivered to you fully or partially assembled, depending on how much you’re willing to pay in delivery fees. With the Priority Bicycle coupon codes on, you may be lucky to get your order shipped to you free of charge. There are also financing options available to help you out when you’re in a financial bind and don’t have enough money to buy the bicycle you want. That, plus the special Priority Bicycle promotions available on the site will help you save on your individual bicycles or branded fleet orders, so you can ride free and not worry about money.

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Priority Bicycles Coupons

Priority Bicycles was founded by Dave, a father of two who grew up in the bicycle industry. He wanted to share his passion for cycling and also have time to spend with his family, so he quit his job to start his own business. Dave went from CEO of a multinational software company to the owner of a bicycle brand with the mission to create an everyday bike, for those who cycle for fun, that’s hassle-free, affordable, and doesn’t need routine maintenance. All sales are made through the company’s online store, giving you high quality bicycles at affordable prices. You can make those amazing prices even better by using Priority Bicycles coupon codes from when you make your purchase.

There are plenty of bicycle options from Priority Bicycles’ range. The collection includes various designs, each made with terrains and riders in mind so you can get a bicycle that suits you and the places you want to ride to. The Bicycles section features these different designs, such as the Priority Apollo Gravel, built for all road performance and the Priority Coast, which is designed for cruising along the beach without worrying about salt, sand, or water. You can explore each of these options by clicking on the bike you’re interested in to get more information. Once you’ve found the perfect ride, add it to your cart to place your order and redeem Priority promo codes from our site on the checkout page to get special offers like free shipping.

Besides the low maintenance bikes, you can also get accessories to take along with you on your ride. The accessories section has bicycle mirrors, U-Locks, brass bells, waist packs, backpacks, power horns, phone holders, and so much more. For easier and quicker shopping, you can shop according to the model of your bicycle or type of accessory. Thanks to a partnership with Bread, you can get access to bicycle financing options, which come in handy when you need to buy but don’t have enough money. If you’re approved for this Priority Bicycles deal, you’ll be able to order and get your Priority bicycle, then pay for it over affordable monthly installments while you enjoy riding it.

Priority Bicycles are also featured in premier hotels and resorts, at universities, bicycle tours, and rentals across the country and in other parts of the world. They’re such a great hit with riders in those locations because of their low maintenance nature and other great features. Riders of all ages and experiences can enjoy these fleet bicycles at Priority Bicycle’s fleet partners such as Stanford University, Nantucket Island Resorts, Marriott and many others. If you want to order a fleet of bicycles for your business, you can request a quote and include a logo too if you’d like your fleet to be branded.

Freedom of choice is the amazing gift you can give a loved one by getting them a Priority Bicycles gift card. It’s the perfect gift if you don’t know what to get them. The gift cards are delivered via email, along with instructions on how the recipient can use them at checkout. You can get a gift card for any amount from $10.00 to $1,000.00, which will be the full amount available for the recipient to redeem on a purchase since there are no additional processing fees to worry about.

Priority Bicycles Shipping Policy

There are two delivery options available from Priority Bicycles. The first is ‘At A Home Assembly’ where bicycles are delivered to your doorstep almost completely assembled (95%). The remaining 5% is left as simple as possible so you can complete the assembly with the tools provided along with your shipment. As long as the location of the delivery is in the continental USA, shipping is charged as $30.

The other delivery option is Velofix Home Delivery. This option is offered through a partnership between Priority Bicycles and Velofix. Your bicycle is delivered, fully assembled and ready to ride. You’ll also have access to a certified technician, along with professional size fitting and new bike orientation. If you ordered any accessories for your bike, these will be installed too. The Velofix Direct delivery option is scheduled for a time that’s convenient to you and offered at a cost of $100 for locations within the continental USA.

Priority Bicycles Return Policy

You have up to 30 days from the date of purchase to return items that aren’t marked as final sale items. All returns must be in like new condition and return shipping is paid for by you. If you’re returning your order for any other reason besides that it’s damaged or defective, your refund will exclude shipping costs, assembly fees, and adjustment charges incurred at the time of the original delivery.

Priority Bicycles Saving Tips

The Specials page has the latest Priority Bicycles discounts and promotions on select products and accessories. It also has some great shopping tips that may come in handy when you need to buy something. You can also sign up to receive emails to get exclusive offers and access to key product information.