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No one delivers like Postmates—the ultimate delivery mate who brings anything and everything you need straight to your doorstep. The goods delivery service delivers items you order from stores and restaurants in the local area in the shortest amount of time so you won’t have to wait long to enjoy your purchase. Whether you ordered takeout from your favourite restaurant or groceries to stock up your shelves, Postmates will deliver it on time every time. Postmates pioneered on-demand delivery of goods to get you delivery from stores and restaurants that previously did not offer this. With a network of couriers which they have linked with your favorite stores and restaurants in your local area, Postmates brings you the convenience of quick delivery within minutes on anything you order. Through partnerships with thousands of restaurants and shops across the country, Postmates gives you the ability to order from those same restaurants and shops via the Postmates platform so everything you need will be in one place. With such easy accessibility and great Postmates deals like free unlimited delivery with Postmates Unlimited, you’ll be at a whole new level of shopping convenience. Simply enter your location on the mobile Postmates app available for both Android and iOS and view the merchants from which you can order in your city or local area. Postmates is available in all 50 United States for your convenience, just check the availability of your city on the list available on the website. Visit and get a Postmates promo code so you can save with every delivery and enjoy shopping like never before.

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POSTMATES Coupons and Deals

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Postmates Coupons

Sam Street, Sean Plaice and Bastian Lehmann founded Postmates in 2011 with the aim to transform the way goods move around the city. Postmates is an American logistics company which operates a network of couriers to deliver your goods to your doorstep for your convenience. With over 65,000 merchant partners, which include restaurants and stores from which you can order, and 300,000 active fleet members; Postmates services 3,500 cities across the United States and Mexico. Comprised of a team of engineers, designers, operations and growth specialists, Postmates is the future of efficient delivery and goods transportation. Their mission is to deliver everything around the city on-demand in an efficient way so you can enjoy a unique shopping experience. The groundbreaking Postmates Urban Logistics platform links customers with local couriers who are able to deliver anything from any part of the city to where you are in minutes. This enables communities to shop locally with ease and no delays thereby promoting local businesses. You can make payments on Postmates with a Postmates discount code to save on getting the best food from your favorite restaurant in the city and enjoy quick deliveries.

Postmates has the convenience of a web application and mobile platforms for iOS and Android. You can use either of these to request deliveries from any merchant in your city. If you need to order from a shop or restaurant, simply enter your address and view the merchants in your area and see if they are open. Once you’ve identified the restaurant or store, simply add the items you want to your Postmates cart, enter payment and contact information and click on Get It Now. After this, you can wait to receive your order at your address within minutes. If the merchant does not have the menu or product catalogue available on the Postmates App, once you click on the merchant you will see the Add Your Items option allowing you to create a custom order. Here you will simply type in the instructions of your order and make sure they are as detailed as possible for them to be conveyed accordingly. Order using a Postmates coupon code from and get a neat discount saving for your wallet.

Give your best mate a Postmates gift card so they can choose the perfect gift and have it delivered to their doorstep. The Postmates gift cards come in a number of designs to choose from for amounts from $25 to $200. The lucky recipients can treat themselves to something special in their city with the Postmates gift card. The gift card will be sent instantly via email to the specified address and the recipient can add it to their Postmates account using the code. Once the code is added, they can then redeem it to pay for any goods and delivery fees. The Postmates gift card funds don’t expire once they’re added to a Postmates account.

Join the largest on-demand delivery network in the country and enjoy the convenience of getting your needs delivered to your doorstep in minutes. For added convenience, sign up for Postmates Unlimited and enjoy unlimited free deliveries. The membership costs $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year and you receive free deliveries on orders of $15 or more from all Postmates merchants. Check for all your favorite restaurants on the Postmates merchant list and enjoy deliveries of the best cuisine. With Postmates, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to try out that new place in your city, just order in and have it brought to you! Postmates also allows you to order alcohol from a store or bar in select supported cities. Visit the Alcohol delivery section on the Postmates website and enter your address or use the locator to see if your area is supported. No need to leave your home to enjoy a glass of wine or your favorite beer or champagne, just order the bottle and have it delivered at your place. You won’t have to worry about finding your way home or driving after you enjoy a glass or two of your favorite wine, because you’ll already be at home with your favorite liquor mate.

Postmates also allows you to order online through the Google ordering platform. You simply search your favorite Postmates restaurants in your city and place the order through the Google platform. Once you order, you will receive a confirmation email from Google. Using this does not require you to sign into the Postmates app, or even have a Postmates account. You will need to pay a delivery fee and service fee for using the Google service. If you have an unlimited Postmates membership, it cannot be used to order via the Google platform. Your Postmates promo codes can also only be used on the Postmates app.

Postmates Return Policy

If you made a purchase and Postmates has not yet placed the order and it has not arrived, you can cancel it directly through the Postmates app at no charge to you. If the order has been placed and the delegated Postmate is on the way to pick it up when you cancel, Postmates will have to pay the merchant and the Postmate for their time. You will therefore have to pay for the items and a cancellation fee to cover the costs. However, since the service was incomplete you will be saved from paying the delivery fee and the Postmates service fee. If your order has been made, picked up and already on its way to you, you will have to incur the full price for the delivery, including the cost of the items, the delivery fee and the service fee. To cancel an order simply click the help button under the order status page and select Cancel Delivery. Choose a reason from the options for why you are cancelling the order and proceed to cancel.

Postmates Saving Tips

Try out the Postmates Party feature that allows you to order from trending restaurants in your area and not get charged for the delivery. All you need to do is order within a five-minute window in real time no matter the time of day, even at peak times. Open the Postmates app and tap the Party tab. Confirm your location and select from the list of trending merchants. Hurry up to beat the five-minute timer in making your order and wait to receive your delivery. If you miss the five-minute window, don’t despair as you can return to see restaurants available in the next five minutes.