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The Polynesian Cultural Center gives shoppers a chance to browse for something entirely different -- the experience of a lifetime. The rich heritage of the Pacific Islands unfolds in 42 acres of beautiful, natural landscape, and you can experience an ancient way of life that has captivated generations. The Polynesian Cultural Center is here to show you all that the islands have to offer.

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Polynesian Cultural Center Coupons and Deals

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Give the Gift of Culture

The Polynesian Cultural Center is the perfect place to plan your visit to these tropical islands. Here you can find a surplus of different experiences, activities, and discounts for smart shoppers. But first things first -- what makes this cultural center the right place to visit? The Center has a unique pipeline into some of the coolest opportunities the islands have to offer, fine-tuned through years of experience, connections, and a love of the area.

Some of the experiences you can book via the Polynesian Cultural Center are experiences of a lifetime. Browse the site and learn about visiting six Polynesian island villages, where you can mingle with natives from six different Pacific cultures. Plan to experience vastly different ways of life through song, dance, and food -- and then plan the next phase of your trip with special luau feast opportunities. The Polynesian Cultural Center highlights a delicious array of interesting, authentic Polynesian dining opportunities that you can book in advance of your trip, and that’s not all.

You can also book portions of your trip when you’re not entirely sure just how much you want to do yet. For example, you can book a tour of Oahu’s beachside highway in a quality tour bus, or you can take advantage of a special package that builds the cost of transportation right in.

If you were to look into one option offered by the Polynesian Cultural Center, we would have to recommend the evening shows, which are legendary. You can find one much cheaper when you book in advance, too, so it’s definitely worth shopping around.