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The Pimsleur Method® is the scientifically-proven way to learn a new language in just 30 minutes a day using your iPhone, iPad, Android, or a regular CD player. All without memorizations, grammar rules, or written exercises. Each daily 30-minute lessons is completely portable and perfect for your daily commute, lunch break, or morning walk. Pimsleur has helped millions learn a new language in the past 50 years and is currently used by the FBI, Homeland Security, State Department, Marine Corps, and Navy, Fortune 500 companies, diplomats, journalists, aid workers, and business executives who need to learn a language quickly and effectively. Learning a new language is as easy as saying the words with Pimsleur. The Pimsleur Method™ uses scientifically-proven principles to help you learn a new language easily and quickly through simple, comprehensive lessons you can take on your phone via the mobile app. The lessons are set up in 30-minute sessions you can take on a day-by-day basis, perfect for listening to on your way to work, during a lunch break, while taking a walk, or when you have some time to kill at home. Through his studies, Dr. Pimsleur applied principles of Graduated Interval Recall to develop his lessons and make it easy for information to move from short-term to long-term memory. In addition, everything introduced in Pimsleur’s language courses follows the context of conversation to make learning and retention more effective. Thanks to these principles and methods, you’ll have a new language at the tip of your tongue in a very short time. You can choose to buy your lessons 5 or 30 at a time to cater to your budget if it’s limited. For select courses with at least 60 lessons in total, Pimsleur offers subscription options with a free 7-day trial. To make their courses more accessible, Pimsleur offers lessons for different languages in varying formats so you can choose the one that best suits you. With our Pimsleur coupons, you can learn a new language for less and save both time and money.

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Pimsleur Coupons and Deals

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Pimsleur Coupons

Dr. Paul Pimsleur created The Pimsleur Method™ to provide an easy and effective way for people to learn languages. The first language course he developed and recorded was Modern Greek and he used it to perfect his theory of self-instruction and put to practice the art of memorising a new language. More languages were added, but it took a while for the courses to be marketed successfully to consumers. In 1995, Simon and Schuster began distribution of the courses to bookstores and a few years later, the courses moved from reel-to-reel tape, cassette, CDs, and finally to digital download editions. Now that they were more easily accessible, more people could access the courses. You can access any of the language courses in several formats and buy it at a discounted price with our Pimsleur coupons and promo codes.

Pimsleur has over 50 language courses listed on its website. That incudes Albanian, Mandarin, Italian, Swahili, Urdu, Turkish, and English. To start learning a course, you simply have to click on the language you want to learn and you’ll be redirected to a page with more details about the course and the language you’ve chosen, including where the language is spoken. There’s a link to a free lesson under each language so you can get a feel for how it works before you purchase more lessons. You can choose to buy 30 lessons at a time or 5 lessons at a time, depending on your budget. The formats in which the course is available are also listed on the page, for example if there’s an Audio Only version. You can get your lessons at a discounted price by redeeming the Pimsleur coupon codes from our site on the checkout page when you place your order.

Each course is built on The Pimsleur Method™, which is a scientifically proven method for learning to speak, understand, and read new languages quickly. The Pimsleur Method™ follows the key principles of Graduated Interval Recall, Principle of Anticipation, Core Vocabulary, and Organic Learning. All these principles are combined to make the learning and retention of a new language easier by using the context of conversation. Don’t miss out on the amazing Pimsleur deals on offer for learning a new language available on the website. If you want to help someone learn a foreign language, you can give them a Pimsleur Gift Card so they can have access to the different language courses offered. It’s a perfect gift for anyone and any reason, plus it makes gift-giving easier for you. The gift is available as an eGift certificate which you can order on the Pimsleur website and send to any valid email address. U.S. recipients of the eGift certificate can use it on any CD or digital product on Pimsleur, while recipients residing outside the U.S. are limited to digital product purchases only with the certificate. You can choose any denomination from the listed ones, starting from $25 to $500.

Pimsleur Return Policy

You can cancel your subscription any time through the website or the mobile app, depending on how you’d subscribed initially. Pimsleur products are subject to a 30-day money-back guarantee, with the exception of subscriptions with a free trial of 7 days or more. Subscriptions cannot be refunded and once you purchase a digital product, you cannot get a refund unless it meets the conditions of the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pimsleur Saving Tips

You can save on your subscriptions and lesson purchase by using the Pimsleur promo codes and coupons available on our site for a discount. In addition, you can also sign up to receive special offer emails with exclusive Pimsleur promotions and deals, new releases and lots more.