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PatchMD – a great take on vitamins! Instead of traditional ones that must be ingested, these are patches that can be placed on the skin. Ideal for those with stomach or digestive issues, and those who don’t swallow pills, patchMD has the right solution for you. To increase your savings at Patch MD, has the right solution for you as well!

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PatchMD Coupons and Deals

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Supplement your wallet and your health at PatchMD

Topical Vitamin patches are a great alternative to traditional vitamins. The vitamins at PatchMD are worn 8 hours a day and are absorbed through the skin and allow for maximum absorption, as they can reach the bloodstream more quickly. WIth traditional vitamins, they must be filtered through the stomach and into the intestines before absorption happens. This means that those with stomach, gastrointestinal, intestinal and kidney issues may have problems taking traditional items. Additionally, those who cannot take in vitamins in the proper dose can also benefit from vitamin patches. Vitamin Patches are made in the United States and are gluten free, sugar free, non -synthetic and use nano technology to help deliver the vitamins to the desired destination. They are also safe for those who have lactose sensitivity and latex allergies. Vitamins offered include traditional vitamins such as D3 and D3 and calcium mix. They also stock Omega 3, Biotin, and a multivitamin as well. Other supplements include a weight loss supplement, anti-aging supplements, sleep help, a menopause supplement and an acne prevention patch. There are also patch plans which are a mix of vitamins that are designed to perform specific functions. They are pre-designed for maximum function and absorption. Patch Plans start simply with the All Day Pack at an affordable price. There are other Patch Plans that are pre-packaged and catered towards specific occasions or people. A top few, are Women, bariatric patients, summer plans and more! Otherwise, you can choose what works for you specifically and enjoy a hassle free way of taking vitamins!