About Coupons and Deals is your destination for more than 78 million pages of historical newspapers from around the U.S. and elsewhere. You can read archives from over 3,200 newspapers which provide a unique view of the past. Whether you are a historian, genealogist, researcher, or a teacher, can be a source for insight you won’t find anywhere else. It’s easy to browse news, birth notices, sports, comics and more.

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A fun, easy, and affordable way to go back in time with is the largest online collection of historical newspapers. The site contains an archive of news from local, regional, and state newspapers across the United States, as well as from a select few newspapers around the world, dating from 1700s to the 2000s. Developed by Ancestry, a source dedicated to assisting others in tracing the genealogy, the historical archives presented on allows individuals to trace others and facilitate their search into their family history. The website was created with an easy to search design to allow viewers to find easy access to news. features the option for readers to search for articles available for locations based on a view of a map. Additionally, the database, is equipped with informational directional videos to assist individuals in obtaining news. contains archives featuring high quality images and allows others to easily print and save documents such as marriages, deaths, and other necessary records. With these resources, the site aims to cater to their target audience of teachers, students, researchers, genealogists, and historians, with intentions to be an asset in their research goals. Readers interested in what the site has to offer, can partake in a 7 day free trial and obtain unlimited access to resources before deciding to subscribe. Once a decision is reached, users can head to to access any additional discounts or savings. To view the constantly updating archive from over 7,300 newspapers, readers can purchase the basic plan for 6 months or on a month to month basis. To obtain access to a larger archive of pages, viewers can purchase a Publisher Extra subscription.