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Invest in your English teaching career with an organization that cares about making you one of the best in the field. MyTEFL is a provider of courses targeted at TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification. Their courses are accredited so you can be sure that you’re getting the best educational value for your money. To cater for the different types of students they get, MyTEFL has a number of course packages, each with different aims, features, durations, and prices. There are four packages in total, ranging from a basic package for TEFL newbies to a professional course for those who want to truly master the craft and become experts; as well as everything in between. You can choose your package according to the level of TEFL expertise you want to get or the size of your budget. And after you graduate from their courses, MyTEFL offers free job placement assistance to their graduates so you won’t have to go through the hassle of job hunting. If money is an issue, you can get MyTEFL discounts and promo codes to help with the costs. Getting a job without a degree or experience can be very difficult so MyTEFL offers internship opportunities to help you build up your resume and gain experience so you’ll have a better chance at getting a job afterwards. With all these wonderful features, MyTEFL is a good choice for getting your TEFL certification and you can save on your course purchase with MyTEFL discount codes from

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myTEFL Coupons and Deals

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As far as languages go, English is one of the most widely used and fastest-spreading languages. It’s no wonder the demand for English teachers continues to grow constantly. MyTEFL was created to help those who want to teach English not only get world class training, but real job placements as well. Their accredited and externally moderated quality courses are designed to be practical and classroom effective so you can be ready for your classroom in as little time as possible. And as a bonus, job placements are free for MyTEFL graduates so you won’t need to worry about lineups and job hunting. With MyTEFL coupon codes from, you can get a discount off your courses and join other MyTEFL graduates now working all around the world in public schools and many other places.

You can choose your course under the MyTEFL Courses page which has courses for everyone; from beginners of the TEFL program to veterans looking for an upgrade course. The four courses available are Basic, Standard, Advanced, and Professional; each with varying features and different prices. The Basic package is a 40 hour course for Fundamental Classroom Management with 24/7 tutor support, tech sport and full library access. The Standard course for 60 hours with teaching techniques and methods has the same features as the basic course place skills based units too. You can get a good bargain on either of the two courses by using a MyTEFL coupon at checkout.

The Advanced 80 hour course is great for anyone who’s already studied TEFL looking to upgrade with the course’s advanced approaches and grammar. In addition to the standard features, the Advanced MyTEFL course also has comprehensive phonology and curriculum development features. For the best value for your money, you can get the Professional course with a 120 hour duration, designed to help you become a master TEFL expert. It has all the advanced features plus the designing testing systems feature. Thanks to MyTEFL discounts, you can get their courses at affordable prices and start working on your future.

If you’re a MyTEFL graduate, you’ll have exclusive access to their free job placement service. This amazing service is what sets them apart from a lot of TEFL providers who leave you to find your own way once you’ve completed your course. MyTEFL ensures that you’ll get a well-paying job in a safe environment, plus on the ground support whenever you need it. To help you in your pursuit of your dream job, you’ll get feedback and help on your CV and cover letter so you can be sure you’re putting your best foot forward; plus they match graduates with destinations and employers. And all this is free for MyTEFL graduates. Talk about an awesome MyTEFL deal.

Getting a job can be hard, especially because a lot of employers will want to hire someone with experience. MyTEFL Internships, complete with teach and travel packages, are the perfect solution to that problem. With an internship, you can teach immediately without the degree requirement and build up your resume while getting amazing cultural experiences and even a full salary with some positions. MyTEFL does all the work so you only have to focus on gaining experience. They have teams available to pick you up from the airport of whatever country you go to for your internship and you’ll be provided with safe accommodation choices, orientation, and 24/7 support in case you need help. All the schools that offer internship placements are screened to make sure they meet the safety and quality standards requisite of MyTEFL Internship programs. This MyTEFL deal offers a one-of-a-kind experience for those struggling to get a job on account of not having a degree and/or teaching experience.

MyTEFL is dedicated to giving back to the community in order to develop sustainable communities. You can contribute to helping the world by buying a course. When you enroll with MyTEFL, they’ll make a donation to a worthy cause in your name. The donations are divided up and allocated towards different activities such as the cost of a child’s tuition, buying a chicken or cow, or providing school books for a child for some time.

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The offers page has all the latest MyTEFL promotions and deals in one place like a 50% MyTEFL coupon to help you study even if you’re on a tight budget. You should check the page regularly so you won’t miss out on any special offers from MyTEFL.