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myLAB Box is one of the pioneers in offering a home-testing service for sexual health throughout the 50 U.S. states. Through the services provided by this company, you can test for all kinds of STDs and other health conditions in the comfort of your home. This service has the advantage of saving your time since you won’t have to book and go for an appointment, plus if you’re uncomfortable with seeing someone to get your test done, myLAB Box gives you discretion and privacy. The tests are quick and simple, typically done in 5 minutes and are sent to you for free after you make the purchase online. You can order these testing kits online or buy them from a pharmacy retail location in the U.S. myLAB Box also provides a pre-addressed envelope for you to send your samples back to their labs, free of charge. Once your samples are in, myLAB Box ensures that they’re tested by the best labs to give accurate results, which are sent to you electronically. The myLAB Box online dashboard gives you the option to easily share your result with a partner or anyone else. As an FDA registered company, myLAB Box guarantees that you’ll get quality home testing kits for STDs, COVID-19 and many other conditions, with accurate results. If you happen to test positive for any of the tests, myLAB Box offers free consultations with a physician to discuss treatment options and provide a prescription from the comfort of your home. With myLAB Box coupons and discount codes from Promocodes.com, you can get the best home-testing service at an affordable price. Visit myLABBox.com and get resources on the conditions you can get tests for, details on each test, and more information as you need.

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myLAB Box Coupons and Deals

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myLAB Box Coupons

myLAB Box was designed to make taking care of your sexual health more accessible and comfortable. With the help of experts, myLAB Box created a service that allows you to get STD screening solutions delivered to your doorstep so you can test in the privacy of your home. Each test takes less than 5 minutes in an easy process adding to the convenience of eliminating the stages of scheduling appointments, driving to a testing center, and waiting for your turn. You’ll even get reminders when you need to test again so you won’t have to go through the trouble of keeping track. myLAB Box aims to cover the gap between the typical approach to sexual health and medical standards with the most affordable solution. Thanks to these myLAB Box deals and efficient services, you can take care of your sexual health and keep private things private.

The process of registering on the myLAB Box website is quick and easy, just like the tests they offer. There’s no need for a booking or appointment or visit to a lab. All you need is available on the website, along with information on the tests if you need to understand how it works and what the results mean. Once you register for an account, you can order your tests for STDs, fertility, general health, drug, and toxicology as well as the COVID-19 home test kit online. You can get extra discounts on these test kits by using myLAB Box promo codes and coupons from Promocodes.com. The tests are sent to your home for you to use and mail in your sample through a provided pre-addressed envelope. Once myLAB Box receives your samples, they will ensure the best labs test them so you can get accurate results. If your results are positive, you can get a free telemedicine physician consultation from the comfort of your home to talk you through treatment options. If need be, you can also get same day prescriptions, all without leaving your home.

myLAB Box offers fully transparent pricing so you won’t get a nasty surprise bill or extra fees when you order. In fact, no co-pays are required ever, so you can test worry-free. In addition, the test kits offered by myLAB Box have the same quality components as those from the best laboratories in the U.S. and are assembled with the help of experts to ensure that you get accurate results through the easiest testing process. Sample collection is fast and non-invasive, making it pain-free. All you need to do is pee in a cup, prick your finger, or swab then send the sample in the provided pre-addressed postage-free envelope. Results are delivered electronically and discreetly with the option of sharing them with your partner or anyone else available from your dashboard.

Visit the myLAB Box blog to get more information about their home testing kits where you’ll find articles about taking different type of tests at home, as well as benefits of certain home tests, in addition to basic information on what STD testing is and lots more. There are plenty more resources under the FAQ section to help answer any of your lingering questions about the reliability of the tests, how myLAB Box compares to others cost-wise, plus typical signs and symptoms of common STDs.

myLAB Box Shipping Policy

myLAB Box offers free shipping to and from the lab, hence cutting more costs for you.

myLAB Box Return Policy

You can cancel orders for test kits, prior to shipment of the order. If the kit has already been shipped, cancellation isn’t possible. myLAB Box does not accept the return of kits due to safety and health reasons because of the nature of the products.

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