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Outdoorsy, comfort-addicted, or plain ol’ sensible: Mountain Steals works for any one of you. This outdoorsy website has taken all the things we want to see in our “top picks” and carefully collected these pieces for the adventure of a lifetime. Anyone looking for carefully selected, vetted brands is at the right place at Mountain Steals.

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Mountain Steals Coupons and Deals

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Outdoorsy Steals For The Mountain

What a name: Mountain Steals is the perfect website for the outdoors-lover -- or the casual outdoorsy type who simply needs to up the ante in the world of climbing, mountaineering, hiking, and camping.

The company was started by “adventure enthusiasts” who simply could not find what they were looking for online, no matter how much they searched. And it wasn’t simply quality that was the issue, but selection as well: from “weird sizes and colors” to “really full priced” items dressed up as something else on sale. The founders of Mountain Steals were sick of getting cheated on what they were looking for, or hitting dead ends, and they engineered a new way to shop for what they loved most.

Using 60+ years of outdoors-buying experience, the site’s founders created a spot that speaks to what we want, what we need, and, most importantly, what we expect from an outdoors company. The company believes in paying the right price for real quality, and that means products that perform with the best of them, in many different types of conditions, and for many different people.

Does that mean they are expensive? Actually, no. Mountain Steals offers good prices for comparable items that last for years, and that are often backed by a brand warranty that helps your pieces go even further. These are quality performance items that can even be passed down.

No, there aren’t frills, but Mountain Steals doesn’t dress things up. You won’t find free shipping, free returns, or price matches, but you will find pieces that are top examples of form-meets-function. Use a Mountain Steals coupon code from Promocodes.com to score a deal online.