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Learning a new language is easier through Mondly, an educational technology company that stimulates people around the world to learn new languages through an enjoyable revolutionary experience. Enjoy a fun and innovative language learning experience through the use of smart technology and speech recognition utilization in AR and VR. This leading company has dedicated years of research and hard work to make learning language through AR and VR possible. Mondly applies solid neural science and cutting-edge technologies to take you to fluency in a new language in the shortest possible time. With up to 33 languages to learn and over 50 million users, you can rely on Mondly for a reliable learning experience. Immerse yourself in a brand new world via Virtual Reality(VR), or enjoy virtual additions for a new world within yours through Augmented Reality (AR) while learning a new language through the visual learning experience. Mondly offers the closest thing to classroom education which you can enjoy from anywhere with a virtual language learning assistant available to assist you. Expand your business by improving your communication skills with MondlyWORKS, a solution tailor-made for businesses. Mondly also helps your kids learn a new language in a fun way so they can learn while they play. Promocodes.com provides a way for you to combine learning, fun and savings with Mondly discount codes and coupons available for you to use.

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mondly Coupons and Deals

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Mondly Coupons

Mondly is a language learning platform that enables you to enjoy a fun education experience through the use of technology. Founded in 2013 by Alex Iliescu and Tudor Iliescu as a means of introducing language learning to smart technologies, Mondly has developed a revolutionary platform through years of research and hard work. Over 50 million users and numerous awards are a testament to the effectiveness of Mondly in helping people learn new languages. The platform works by applying VR and AR with speech recognition to help you grasp a new language in an easier, faster, and cooler way. Start learning faster and smarter, in an affordable way through Mondly deals and its revolutionary technology.

AR involves the addition of virtual imagery of objects, people, and audio to your existing world while VR is the creation of completely virtual places with objects, people, and audio. Mondly uses these technologies, in conjunction with speech recognition, to provide a practical learning experience, allowing you to learn faster and grasp the information better. Up to 33 languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese and many more can be learned, from your native language via your iphone, iPad, Android device, or from a PC. There are a variety of solutions available, designed for individuals, businesses, and kids so everyone can learn a new language in a fun way. With the amazing offers and Mondly promotions available, you won’t need to spend much to get this great new skill.

You can learn languages from the comfort of your home or anywhere else with the VR platform from Mondly. There you can partake in real conversations with the virtual characters and interact with them in an amazing, made-up world. To provide an efficient learning process, Mondly provides instant feedback on your pronunciation, as well as suggestions for your vocabulary, all given in a world inspired from authentic events like checking into a hotel, ordering dinner, or just having conversations on a train ride. Enjoy virtual learning with a practical application with a Mondly promo code and earn savings while gaining a new language.

Mondly applies AR to create a new world within your own where you can explore and interact while you learn. A virtual language learning assistant appears in your world to guide you through the learning experience with other interactive virtual creations like animals, the sun, and more objects. You’ll be able to practice conversations with the virtual assistant on several topics and sharpen your pronunciations to achieve fluency. Learn while you play with the enjoyable activities you can partake in through the most advanced speech recognition technology, offering the closest thing to real interaction. With a Mondly discount code, you can get fluent in many languages without burning through your savings.

Improve your business communication skills and break into new markets with Mondly’s business solutions. Through these solutions, you can equip your workforce with multi-lingual skills so your business stays competitive in today’s global economy with MondlyWORKS helping you boost customer satisfaction. You will also be able to attract and retain top talent by provinding self-improvement skills as an incentive for your employees. Track your employee’s usage and progress as they attain beginner, intermediate, and advanced proficiency levels in the target language though a gamified learning experience they will enjoy. There are a number of business plans you can choose from according to what suits your needs and you can save on your subscription with Mondly coupons from Promocodes.com.

Learn on the go with the Mondly mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Like the online platform, it’s easy to use and will have you speaking in a new language in no time. Your grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation in a new language will improve in the shortest time possible through free lessons. Whether you’re a beginner or you want to polish up your language skills, Mondly is the perfect thing to help you do exactly that.

Mondly Saving Tips

For the MondlyWORKS plans, you save more when you get a plan that supports more users. That means, with these Mondly discounts, the more you get, the more you’ll save.