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Mindvalley is an online personal development education school whose main goal is developing humanity. Uniting the world through teaching wisdom and transformational ideas is at the core of Mindvalley’s mission. Learn how to live your life to the fullest with Mindvalley. Offering hundreds of personal growth programs to choose from, Mindvalley prepares and equips you for life in the modern world by providing skills and knowledge that the conventional education system does not. The unique courses on Mindvalley are taught by brilliant minds seeking to improve you as an individual and help you improve the quality of your relationships, health, mindset, and wellbeing. Mindvalley believes that learning is a lifelong experience rather than something with a defined start and end, in order to give a free rein to the full potential of your body, mind and spirit. Join a platform with over 10 million students worldwide with diverse ages and backgrounds learning from over 200 authors, speakers and activists in a learning experience designed to improve humanity. Mindvalley boasts completion rates 5 times better than traditional online learning platforms with its Quest platform at 333% better completion than the industry average. You can choose from courses on health, wealth, love, parenting, spirituality, unleashing the full potential of your mind and many more. Visit and get a Mindvalley coupon code to save while enriching your body and mind with the greatest life learning platform.

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mindvalley Coupons and Deals

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Mindvalley Coupons

Mindvalley provides the education and knowledge that conventional school does not. Ordinary education prepares you for your career, but Mindvalley prepares you for life. Vishen Lakhiani founded Mindvalley with a desire to remake the world’s view in business, politics, education and spirituality. He was a computer engineer and senior leader at a Silicon Valley startup and took up meditation after facing extreme stress and burn out which was the beginning of his transformation. He then quit his job and went on to learn more on meditation, thereafter going around the world teaching and mastering human development. Mindvalley believes that being human is not simply about what the formal education system makes it out to be. You can live an extraordinary, fulfilling and happy life for your body, mind and soul with the skills from Mindvalley. Improve your life while making savings for your pocket with a Mindvalley promo code from

Learn from the best teachers with the latest ground-breaking techniques on the powerful Mindvalley platform. Mindvalley does not believe in a static education system. In fact, they are continuously exploring, modernizing, innovating, creating and optimizing the development of the human race to ultimately unite our species, preserve our planet and bring a golden age for humanity. The rich Mindvalley curriculum includes courses on spirituality, parenting, health, fitness, meditation, enhancing your learning ability, unleashing the full potential of your mind and tips for success in all areas of your life. Reach your ultimate potential at little cost by using Mindvalley discount codes when you sign up for their courses.

The Mindvalley Quest learning platform has plenty of content and courses on offer. The Mindvalley courses have been designed to improve the way we consume information and learn for a more fulfilling learning experience as evidenced by the 333% better completion rate as compared to the industry average. Scientifically proven motivators and systems are used to assist you in making lasting life changes and transformation. The courses are structured in daily, bite-size micro-learnings intended to make the learning process more efficient and simplify complicated topics to achieve the best results. Check out the free Mindvalley Quests on offer which are short and aimed at beginners to assist with personal growth. The courses help you improve your personal relationships, quality of life and give you invaluable skills. Conveyed in the elegant app, the courses are structured in 20 minute-a-day lessons based on the science of transformation and behavior design. Enjoy life-changing lessons while saving for your future with a Mindvalley coupon that gets you a discount off your purchase.

Subscribe to Mindvalley Mentoring to get specialized training with the world’s best teachers, visionaries and thinkers. The classes are based on the Conscious Engineering framework where you are taught to model the world’s best minds. Enjoy exclusive access to over 100 world-class teachers seeking to elevate your mindset by instilling groundbreaking models of reality in you. The process involves discovering the best practices and habits used by the teachers to help them perform at their best in all they do. These traits are then installed into your subconscious mind for a deep transformation.

The Mindvalley Mentoring focuses on training 12 areas of focus in your life namely productivity, health, fitness, spirituality, mind, career, influence, love and mindfulness. Enroll for Mindvalley Mentoring for a 7-day free period and receive unlimited access to over 100 hours of interviews with the Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani’s mentors. Each month, Mindvalley Mentoring rolls out new systems and models, adding episodes you can apply for instantly. Get access to video, audio and transcripts of every session along with documentaries that explore the most important ideas. Use a Mindvalley coupon code when subscribing to the Mindvalley Mentoring program to save.

Mindvalley is more than just an online school, it is also a conduit for fostering human interaction with awesome Mindvalley events. At these events, you meet amazing people and have a life changing experience all around the world. Check out the schedule of events on the Mindvalley website and see one near you. If you can’t make it to an event, you can check out the Mindvalley podcast page on the website to listen to inspiring messages from all the top teachers on Mindvalley. Download the Mindvalley app and learn on the go. The app allows you to login and track the progress of your learning from anywhere for your convenience. Follow Mindvalley on social media for inspirational videos and tips to help you learn faster and achieve more in a short time.

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Check for free courses on the Mindvalley website under the Programs tab so you can learn and save money at the same time.