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Finding a gift for a man is so much easier with Man Crates, a company dedicated to turning something that’s always been difficult into a simple and fun, money-saving adventure. You’re guaranteed to have fun shopping for the gift and the lucky recipient will definitely love what you get them. The team of experts over at Man Crates creates a collection of gifts you can select according to your favorite man’s beloved hobbies and past-times. That includes a Sports and Gear collection for the ones who love staying active, as well as Grill and Drink collections for the ones who love to kick back and relax with their favorite scotch or whiskey and some flame-grilled steaks. Choosing a gift from Man Crates is quite easy too. All you need to do is find a category that suits your man’s tastes and pick whatever you like there. If price is an issue, you can get Man Crates coupons to use for a discount on your order. For those unique men that might not fit in the categories listed, you can always get something personalized instead. You can personalize some mugs with the lucky recipients initials or add their favorite catch-phrase to some glasses. Once you’ve decided on a gift for a lucky man or for yourself, you can get a discount on your order with Man Crates discount codes from

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Man Crates Coupons and Deals

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Man Crates Coupons

It is a truth universally known that finding a gift a man will love is quite difficult. A lot of people often end up resorting to neck ties, socks, or something in a similar vein, hoping that the functionality of the gift will make up for the lack of creativity. Man Crates was created to address that problem and provide a solution that makes gifting fun for the man who receives the gift and the person who gives it. Team Man Crates is made up of experts and entertainers who know guys and the things they love well. With their expertise and the Man Crates deals available, you’re guaranteed to give the special man in your life the best gift every time.

So how does this work exactly? Man Crates makes it easier to find gifts that are unique and meaningful, based on what the man in your life loves. For example, if the person you want to spoil loves grilling, you can browse through the Grill section for gifts like the Grill Master Crate with a meat tenderizer, wood chips, BBQ sauces and a premium spice blend. Other categories listed for you to shop in a similar manner include Jerky, Snacks, Maker, and Sports and Gear. All you need to do is browse through the category that best matches your man and then choose the best gift available. As a bonus, helps you save on getting the perfect gift with Man Crates promo codes you can use for a discount.

If you want to make your gift more unique, you can go to the Personalized Gifts section and pick a crate you like the most. The Whiskey Appreciation crate, for example, has glasses and a whiskey decanter you can personalize with the recipient’s initials. For such a gift, you can take advantage of Man Crates deals offered in partnership with Affirm and pay for your order in interest-free payments if you qualify. Looking for the perfect gift for a special occasion like Father’s Day? Man Crates has a section dedicated entirely to this. It has plenty of gift ideas, including a jerky tie—the only kind of tie that’s acceptable as gift.

Man Crates has a High-Five Guarantee on all its products. That means all its products are guaranteed to be awesome and if you or the recipient aren’t happy with them, Man Crates will work with you to make it right. With this guarantee, Man Crates assures you that you’ll get the kind of service you’ll want to high-five them for. If you have a problem with your order that you need fixed, you can call or email at and they’ll deal with it so you’re happy.

Man Crates Shipping Policy

Several factors can affect the shipping charge applied to your order, including weight and dimension, shipment origin, destination, and the delivery method chosen. The delivery options available are FedEx Ground/Ground Home, FedEx Express (Two-Day and Standard Overnight), Golden State Overnight (GSO), and USPS. Some of these options are only available for certain addresses. You’ll get the exact shipping costs for your order on the checkout page once you’ve entered your shipping details and chosen a delivery method.

Man Crates Return Policy

If you’re unhappy with your order and the High-Five Guarantee won’t fix your problem, you can return it for a refund instead. To get more instructions on the return process, you can call the customer service line or send an email through the Help Center.

Man Crates Saving Tips

While you’re shopping, make sure you keep an eye out for Man Crates deals and discounts on different products. One example of such an offer is the occasional sitewide Father’s Day offer that helps you get a gift for a special Dad at an affordable price.