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Brought to life by Mitch DeRosa, Jon Flint, Ward Stegerhoek, and a team of elite scientists led by Dr. Bob Langer, set out to fulfill a major need in the haircare industry. As a salon owner, Mitch was frustrated with hair product not living up to his high standards. One day, he happened to share his concerns with his client, Jon. As fate would have it, Jon was a successful biotech company founder, and he knew a few good scientists who could help…especially Dr. Bob Langer. Corralling a crew of experts with backgrounds in biotech, pharma, and medicine, they took their idea of dreamy hair care products from the barber’s chair to the laboratory. And did they ever get it down to a science.

Utilizing patented technology, Living Proof boasts an incredible line of 40+ products for all hair types and beauty fanatics. To prove this fact, check out their super loyal customer base who can gush about this brand like nobody’s business. Oh, and did you know they’ve won over 100 awards? People, they really shine. They’re also budget-conscious with perks like free shipping and returns. And since this company was started by a bunch of smarties, they just don’t offer products then leave you hanging. Check out their free tutorials online for a huge range of frizz-free hairstyles that any pretty lady can do. Want more cost-cutting tips? Don’t brush off our promo codes…they’ll get you extra savings! is making waves in the hairdressing world, offering a good hair day every day.

Thanks to Living Proof, consumers can pick up hair care products that result in visibly healthier hair and styles that pop. Living Proof does not use heavy silicones or stiff resins in its products. Instead, Living Proof deploys lightweight, touchable technology, and its products repel style-destroying humidity and dirt. By doing so, Living Proof is able to supply hair care products unlike any others on the market.

Ultimately, Living Proof hair care products are ideal for those who are committed to long-term hair care and maintenance. Living Proof products requires less washing and styling than other products. This means consumers can spend less time on their hair and more time on the important things in their lives.

The results of LivingProof products are consistently great. In fact, in a recent study of over 670 women, 75% saw an instant improvement in their hair after using Living Proof products. The study also indicated 97% said their hair was significantly healthier, manageable, shiny, smooth, strong and thick after six months of regular use.

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