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LivingDNA is a cutting-edge ancestry company offering DNA testing using state-of-the-art technology from scientists across the globe. Their mission is to help people discover their unique heritage while connecting us all through the common bond of humanity. The company provides a DNA test that offers twice the detail of other ancestry tests. People can perform in-depth ancestry analyses without breaking their budget. Find out your story with LivingDNA promo codes!

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When Strong Roots Connect Each of Us: Search Your Story Through LivingDNA.com

Founded by entrepreneurs David Nicholson and Hannah Morden, LivingDNA.com was created to bring us closer to our roots and show our connection to one another. Beyond locating the individual findings of each inquisitive client, the overarching goal of this sophisticated ancestry system is dissipating disparity of race and highlighting how we’re more alike than we may know. LivingDNA.com uses highly savvy technology and consults with a collaborative team of over 100 scientists worldwide to research each person’s history.

Living DNA offers a comprehensive ancestry test unlike any other on the market. The Living DNA assessment delivers twice the detail of all other ancestry tests. It enables a tester to find out his or her DNA mix across 80 world regions, including 21 in Britain and Ireland. Moreover, the Living DNA test offers peer-reviewed details that provide extensive insights into the origins of a tester's ancestry.

The Living DNA test also serves as a 3-in-1 ancestry test. In addition to covering a tester's family line ancestry, it includes an individual's motherline and fatherline. The Living DNA test even offers context going back up to 10 generations, as well as the spread of an individual's ancestors at different points in history.

Living DNA recognizes that science and technology are rapidly evolving. As such, Living DNA promises to provide updated results that provide ongoing details of a tester's ancestry. This means a Living DNA test is continuously updated for unprecedented accuracy.

It won't take long for an individual to complete a Living DNA test, either. An individual can order a Living DNA test online – often at an affordable rate thanks to outstanding promo codes and coupons – and have it shipped anywhere in the world. Then, a tester can activate his or her test kit online, collect a DNA sample using a mouth swab and send the test sample back to Living DNA via a free return bag. Within 10 to 12 weeks, Living DNA will send test results that provide plenty of details about a tester's ancestry.

Partnering with the specialized facility, Eurofins, LivingDNA.com conducts ancestry testing in a high-tech laboratory in Denmark. Certified professionals study each sample to ensure the most superior quality and accuracy, while incorporating the most advanced technology. While scientifically complex, completing the home DNA kit is very easy. Included in the DNA testing pack is a set of simple instructions to do a mouth swab in the privacy of your home. Once you send off your sample to the lab, the experts get to work on mapping out your ancestral roots, along with detailed information like motherline and fatherline migrations. This insight includes shared branches with notable people in history and the world travels it took to eventually get to your family’s present: you. Continue your personal journey with a look back at the past, equipped with knowledge for future generations. Stay connected to LivingDNA.com’s pricing specials and remember our promo codes are here to get you the best deal out there. We hope you enjoy being part of a greater global story and unearthing your larger international legacy.